How to Café

Coffee dates and tea time with friends or oneself seems like a distant memory from a millenia ago. The simple action of pit stopping for an elixir of java, or a spell of calming chamomile - poof. Gone. No longer. Unless you want to replace this gentle musing with a face mask and an absence of the help-yourself sugar and stirrer counter. No thanks.

But, these happier times will return. Ideally from April 12th 2021 (literally every finger, toe and limb of mine is crossed 🤞🏻). And with this imminent little luxury just around the easter speckled corner... you are of course going to want to know the prettiest spots in London to waltz across.

How to café like a laitmylk girl (or boy)... where to go, and what to order 🌟✨👯‍♀️🍓💖🍒☁️