How To NOT Let Someone Get To You πŸŒΈπŸŒΉπŸ’–

people can be assholes. plain and simple.

you don't tell someone what they want or expect to hear, even if it is as truthful as crystalline - and they'll morphe their tongue into medusa and seek to spite you. they'll weasle their words in such a way that they want to hurt you, beat you down and damage the perception you have of yourself.

don't fucking let them.

i've come a long way as a girl who was vulnerable and easily hurt, to someone who is really quite remarkably strong despite being a thimble of a person. and its through nothing other than radical acceptance and self love that i have managed to do this.

and i want the same for you. any of you reading this. so follow some solemn advice and take heed of what im about to tell you...


if someone attacks your personality

"you're prejudicial" "you're spiteful" "you're a liar" "you're greedy" "you're a nasty piece of work"... whenever someone says these kind of things? They're subconsciously speaking of themselves. They without awareness are throwing their own flaws and insecurities onto you, the person in front of them, in an urgency to attack and try to big themselves up whilst belittling you. mean and hurtful words also often stem from a deep set jealousy.

so: acknowledge their words, say nothing in return, and smile to yourself knowing none of what they are rattling on about is factual, and that IN FACT, its THEMSELVES who are warped in this scenario.


when someone attacks your looks

this is just petty and honestly? who gives an actual fuck if you have crooked teeth, or spots, or blemishes. or if your hair line is receeding. or if youre on the chubbier side of the bodily spectrum


if someone has enough energy to waste on criticising the way you look, they clearly have a lot of time on their hands, whilst YOU on the other hand are a badass, uniqely beautiful, non judgmental goddess/god of a human being who can use their energy for good and spreading kindness.


when someone clearly has nothing nice to say...

walk. the. other. way.

don't rise to it.

don't respond to their petty texts, emails, messages, calls - whatever. its pathetic.

if it reaches a point where you feel attacked, harassed and upset, block them. on every social platform imagineable. if they continue to try and persue you and "check in", swaying from love and affection to vindictive nastiness, honey, they aint nothing but a waste of your zen πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ #DontKillMyVibe

Do you.

Be you.

And don't let A N Y O N E fuck with you.

love bucci xxx


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