Hunting for Huntington's Disease

Huntington's Disease is a rare, neurological condition with no cure. Presently, research is scarce, as well as the understanding. A lot is still speculation and questioning regarding the genomic basis of the condition - though we are able to identify the epidemiology and have full understandings of the symptoms and progression. With all that said... what even is Huntington's Disease?! In short, it is the gradual deterioration and eventual death of neuronal cells in the brain, circulating the grey matter. This, as you can imagine, leads to a host of problems, not all of which are based solely on the neurological aspect. Social withdrawal. Depression. Greater likelihood's of suicide. Muscular atrophy. Nutritional decline. Development of psychiatric disorders. And it, sadly, only gets worse.

We are on a mission to hunt for the cure for Huntington's Disease. But in the meanwhile, educate yourself, learn, share and like this post to bring the spotlight onto this damaging illness. Do it for the patient. Do it for the sufferers family and friends. Do it... because you don't know if it could ever touch your life in some way. It's better to be aware, than to be in the dark.

Love, Bucci




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