#IamSkin - Equality for All through Art

The I am skin project was conceptualised by our founder BUCCI CHOLA, who’s stance on racial equality - as well as her advocacy for female rights and gender acceptance - is unshaken. Since commencing her journey into art, BUCCI’s key themes and topics have surrounded her obsession and love for skin tones, different bodies, varying faces and miscellaneous definitions of what is considered beautiful within society.

“This project was fuelled in light of the recent racial stigma and furore of George Floyd’s murder. I wanted to create something beautiful out of a time of darkness, and to generate images that weren’t focused so much on strict portraiture and facial features; but that of our skin tones and textures.”

Previous racial based work of BUCCI include a campaign worked on in collaboration with COCA COLA. The slogan “what can a can of Coke do?” Generated amazing upbeat and positive perception of the brand by insinuating that we may all look different on the outside, but within (just like a bottle of Coca Cola), we are all the same.

“Nothing saddens and confuses me more than people’s inability to witness beauty and goodness in others. I believe in the kindness of strangers. I believe there is more good than bad in this world. And I believe that one day we will realise this as a global community, rather than just as a handful of us.”

The purpose of this artistic project by BUCCI is for everyone and anyone to screenshot or save whichever skin tone they are closest to, post it to their social media platform with the hashtags #IAmSkin, appropriately tagging LAITMYLK and of course the artist behind the project (BUCCI CHOLA), in hope of fuelling a wave of appreciation for our own skin, our own roots, our individual racial histories and cultures... and to enhance our ability to stand in solidarity not just against racism, but of all forms of discrimination.

“Black lives matter. White lives matter. Tan lives matter. Olive lives matter. Brown, cafe au lait, orient and aborigine; darkest of dark, palest of pale and anywhere and everywhere in between. Highlighting our differences will only sharpen the contrast between races. Equality needs to be blanketed across everyone; and it’s my belief that only then will we be able to reach a foundation for the future of being able to simply ‘be’”.

Discover your tone below and share our story, our project and our thoughts with the world.


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