Impossible Cakes Made Possible

Aesthetic food means... what? Precisley? Let me elaborate for you. The term aesthetic in modern generations is used as an extremely popular hashtag, pulling together fashion, edits, interiors, skies and "vibes" that are "visually satisfying" or, more simply put: pretty.

Aesthetic food is thus no different a department, showcasing minimalist food styles photographed in the perfect light with a balanced background that... though may not cause one to salivate, does conjure a sense of inner peace.

When I then discovered the spongey delights of Malaysian born and bred @keempossible on instagram, you can i m a g i n e the level of pleasure I was submerged into.

Rising very quickly to the public eye with her comical and cute Bernie Sanders sponge roll, she remains to curate delicate patterns on sponge, like an artist would on a typical canvas.

From daisy encrusted strawberries, to Lunar Year celebrations... floral flurries, baby animals or even bloomin' Ed Sheeran in abstract mode, her work is both delicious and designed to perfection.

You can of course start following the self taught bakers self-rising (flour) to fame (yes this is my baking pun for the day) on instagram here, where she also offers private classes and collaborations by direct message.

Long live the sponge queen!