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There is a girl of Armenian descent who is passionate about two things above all else: art and music. She has been grinding the game since her early teens, and despite a profound amount of health problems, traumatising hospital admissions, abuse, deep depression and even suicide attempts... she has pushed through and stands as the woman she is today. Being brought up in a household with a father who worked as a photographer at VOGUE, and a business woman for a mother, and all whilst being an only child, Darcy was always creating. Not out of loneliness, but rather by the power of being alone. Whether that was a project on art fashion and musical design she would always be busy and this is a trait that she has carried forth into her early 20s. Now aged 23, nearly 24, she is finally on the verge of a musical breakthrough by the release of her first ever petite album: SHE ALL THAT

Her presence on Instagram and YouTube are growing slowly by the day, thus it's only a matter of time before she undoubtedly becomes a household name. In the build up to the release of her EP, LAITMYLK talks with Darcy Bucci to ask her what the inspiration was behind each of the tracks on her petite album, as she likes to call it, and get to know the woman behind the music a little bit better...

When I started to create the album, I wanted something that was empowering for people. Whether that is as a woman, a man, someone who is polyamorous and non binary, the gay community, heck, even an alien. I wanted this petite album to instil positivity, self confidence, an I-Don't-Give-A-Fuck demeanour, but all with a dark undertone that has even deeper morals... The opening track SHE ALL THAT is a very bold statement to literally not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks about you and to just focus on your own personal goals and hustle. The lyric alone: coffee in her cup because she knows she's hot is literally a woman going about her day, with her strong ass coffee, her briefcase and her stiletto heels marching through the world making a name for herself. it's a short anthem that I wanted people to be able to whip out to when they're feeling low in themselves, or not quite sure what the next step should be.

I don't want people to misconstrued what I'm saying I don't believe in being egocentric and selfish, but I do believe in believing in yourself, saying no when something doesn't benefit you, and promising yourself that you're gonna love you no matter what. Don't allow anyone around you diminish your dreams or make you feel less worthy. Society has almost taught us that we should not be confident and that we should not believing own personal talents or talk about them because it's comes across a self absorbed... and I couldn't disagree more. I think if you've got it, flaunt it - and we should work as a community to support one another streams ambitions and talents rather than seek to tell other people down out of jealousy or envy. Another one of my favourite songs on the petite album is WE ARE YOUNG. Visually, the music video was inspired by Japanese skyscrapers, cybercore and anime. I wanted something a little bit techno, with splashes of electronica to highlight the fact that we are so connected to technology, that we're all becoming disconnected from ourselves. We should be coding not computers, but coding our own hearts and minds so that we become more in tune with what's going on inside of our emotions and stay forever young mentally and emotionally. Age is but a number, and I believe that we can all stay young and child like if we keep our inner nostalgia alive.

NEVER YOURS was written out of a personal experience with someone that just... would not quit or move on. I don't think every relationship needs to be drawn out for an unprecedented amount of time, especially if the transition from romantic to friendship alone can't be agreed upon, thus there does reach a point where it becomes obsessive and a little bit frightening. I've had this experience with a handful of men - not that I've dated a lot but because I'm not very forthcoming sexually. It's almost as if whoever I have been with doesn't want to let me go because they feel as if an element of the relationship has not been fulfilled... but that's just the way I am. I like a deeper relationship. Spiritual, conversational, companionship. I'm not here for whammin' n bangin'. I'm never yours. I am myself. I am my very own love. I am my own best friend. I am my own Guru. And I most certainly don't need a man to tell me that I need to be a certain way and I DEFINITELY don't need a man to make me feel like I am a woman The song MONKEY ON UR BACK is all about addiction, as the phrase goes monkey on your back translates into. About being a Demon that you simply cannot shake off, or a bad habit that you can't crack. I wanted the music video again to be quite sensual, a little bit spooky, and in true Bucci style: weird af. I want my viewers to feel like they're tripping out or on some immense visual high, so that they don't feel the need to actually go and get high by more damaging means. I myself have never taken drugs, I don't drink and I don't smoke - but I have many other addictions that are just as debilitating. An addiction of self-criticism being the most profound. The actual lyrics speak more of one person talking to another who has addiction, whereby the person is trying to help them to such an extent that they become the crippling nature that is diminishing the self-worth even more. Sometimes we seek to fix people and don't realise that we are not actually better in the situation but could be making it worse by acting are such a pressure in force on the individual to get better quickly recovery as a slow process and what needs to be required is healing and nurturing - not pressure and force. You cannot force someone to want to be better mentally. It just doesn't work that way. Recovery from any form of addiction ultimately has to come from the person in question who is "suffering".

Now, two of the most profound tracks on the album (to me anyway) are China White and Manuka Money - which are both, again, about addiction, fame, sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll - which may seem ironic to most as I am quite literally NONE of those things. But in a way... I think the reason I have all these ideas visions and perceptions in my head is because the experiences I have had in life, despite still being very young, are actually quite terrifying. So I think it's these horrifying experiences in life that have made me able to conceptualise other difficulties, and have a hyper awareness of what COULD be and HOW I would survive them.

China White is a street name for heroin, and the song itself is talking about essentially breaking bad (i.e. like Walter White himself from the infamous and world renowned tv show Breaking Bad). It also touches on a gangster sort of world and mafia life; the dangers we know and live daily, as well as the mystery's of the underground world. There are so many things on the black web on the streets alleyways basements that we just have no idea what's going on and I think if we can almost broadcast it in a movie like sense... maybe it will help people who are drawn to that world realise that it is totally superficial, 💯 artificial and profoundly fictitious - this isn't something that we shouldn't get involved in literally, but rather sing about and perform to in order to live out those desires and those fantasies. I'm basically here with music to try and help people find an escapism so that they don't actually fall headfirst into the real versions of these scenarios.

I'm not going to stop until I've made it to where I want to be in this world in regards to my music. I don't want to be lady starlight famous necessarily... but I do you want my music to be known and I want it to impact peoples lives in a positive sense. I want to permit people with chronic illness such as myself to believe in themselves and realise that just because they are not healthy or have been through trauma that they can't accomplish their dreams. Instead, channel that pain into something artistic and creative; use it as an outlet that can be a crutch for someone else going through similar problems in this world. We should be supporting each other infinitely, and that's what I want to do through my art and my music: to support, boost, inspire and enlighten.


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