Innocently Innocent - The Best Nut Milk in Town (No... not Those kind of nuts)

I have long been a skeptic of nut milks.

How does one milk the wee teet of an almond after all?

Jokes aside, it is a bizarre concept - a clever one no less.

To create a milk from a nut such as almond or hazelnut or cashew… raw nuts are soaked overnight. The nuts absorb the water making them a bit, well, plump. They are then ground to absolute oblivion in combination with water to create a creamy, ‘milk’ consistency. Thus, yes, it is technically water with some nuts in it. But I promise you, and this is coming from a Dairy Queen…

Nut milk. Is. Yummy.

Weird as that sounds.

Rinse out your brain, you over sexualised so and so.

Innocent Drinks, for me, are a step ahead of the game.

Not only are their bottles designed to make you giggle, but they present their brand and all it’s wonderful contents with complete transparency. Both literally and morally.

With 10% of all their profits going to charity, their consistent fight to battle climate change, and be totally pro recycling and all that jazz, they’re arguably one of the most environmentally friendly and quirky happy brands on the planet.

They even state that one of their dominant missions has and always will be to getting healthy drinks to people to help them live well and die old.

Can’t argue with that!

My favourite of the range is the hazelnut milk.

If you like a creamier, subtle nutty flavour with a vanilla touched aroma to it, you will adore this!

It’s like Nutella got a bath in vanilla.

Prepare to be amazed!

Come discover the full range of delicious nut milks here

And make the change to either swap or include from time to time an ‘animal friendly’ milky option.

In association with the innocently innocent Innocent!


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