Inside the Smiley Home of Miley

Being a fan of Miley Cyrus perhaps puts me on a pedestal slanting like the Leaning Tower of Pisa in regards to bias here. But I think she is fabulous. Miley, though ravishingly wild and outrageously numbing to some, is a wholesome woman, with deep roots of tradition and family, morals and mistakes who just wants to feel alive. And truly, is that not the very purpose of human existence? We're told time and time again not to care about what others think of us and yet... the moment a fresh and youthful bloom decides to do just that, their petals are plucked and they're made out to be... well, pricks.

Miley has faced countless backlash from the media, particularly when her explosive album BANGERZ in 2014 emerged... a new visual for Cyrus who totally buried Hannah Motana and rose from the ground as a tongue lapping, booty twerking, gangster ganja wannabe that some took to, and others swiftly loathed upon.

She came in like a wrecking ball.

And remains a wrecking ball of cultural change.

But one thing she isn't wrecking is her newest purchase of estate... which we are about to dive headfirst into.

It's not even been a full year since Miley splurged on this six-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 6,800-square-foot Southern California retreat, and yet it’s already completely decorated. With the right hand aid and first place input of her interior designer mother Tish, no less! And really, no better match could have been conjured as a mother after all knows her child best. Much like Miley herself, the home is beautiful and boisterous, all the while steady and disciplined in its exuberance.

To the home itself now...

How to begin describing the eclectic and eccentricity of this abode. It's boho chic meets rock and roll, retro kaleidoscopia and ethereal euphoria. Step into the main en suite bathroom, and things become more 'artsy', with a wall hanging of Henri Matisse’s Blue Nude III spelling elegant serenity as you bathe and lather in bubbly delight.

Miley’s home also features a large and decidedly calm, neutral-toned wellness and gym studio, which Miley states is inspired by Amangiri - a remote and highly exclusive retreat nestled in Utah for spiritual awakening and refreshment of the mind and body.

My personal favourite room of Miley's is actually her secondary bathroom... A unqiue opaque film created using the brand 3M’s Dusted Crystal and Dichroic Chili, resides on the shower glass which doubles up to create a storage room off the music studio, in order to conceal all the guitar cases and things that might need extra space. A mirror from Tish’s own home hangs in plain view, bringing a touch of mom into the space, whilst the floors cement black-and-white Rio tiles are by Clé. The result? A retro spectrum of bathroom bliss.

A musician's home is not complete unless they have their own studio space within the home itself! And Miley's studio is certainly one filled with prismatically potent vibes of trippy musicality and artistic style. With a ceiling spelling nostalgic waves similar is style to the infamous Auorora Borealis, the remainder of the ground level of the room is decorated with zebra-print fabric on the window shades is from Jim Thompson Fabrics. A series of vintage 1960s Targetti Sankey sconces punctuate the space also.

The dining room to me is a spectrum of robotic metallics, spelling technical modernism that makes for superb meeting spaces around the elongated table and mirror mosaic chairs. Like an eternal sunrise of inspiration, a mirror hands in plain sight to reflect the broad depth of the cool toned room, with the likes of Lawson Fenning , Pindler , Atelier de Troupe’s , and Orrin Whalen featured as the dominant designer inclusions across the room.

Now we set foot into what Miley speaks of as one of her fondest spaces... let's dub it the relaxing room. A cosy space inhabited by contemporary art, copious coffee table books, bundles of bouquets and one hell of an equisite armchair, or more specifically; the Anemone chair by Giancarlo Zema for Giovanetti.

Whilst many rooms obviously remain in the literal mansion of Miley, we will draw a chalk line for now and permit some privacy for the pop princess. What LAITMYLK has shown you hopefully however is that, as much of a wild child as the tattooed troublemaker is, she is just like any other person on the planet... wanting, longing, and craving for homely comfort and a sense of place. She, with her mother, have inspired an array of unusual splendour to grace future interior concepts - perhaps even yours.


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