It's Just So Original 🌈

plus never seen before scent concepts!

the infamous minimalist and geometric design of original source shower gels have undoubtedly been in your bathroom at least once in your lifetime.

whether tingled from head to toe in the invigorating minty tones of their emerald green bottle...

or zestfully lathered by the tartness of a zingy lemon; followed the next day by an enrapturing luscious lick o'vanilla and creamy raspberry...

or maybe you're more team coconut and with every bubble like to escape to a paradisial island with nothing but the coco breeze and balmy palm tree leaves brushing against your gorgeous skin.

original source, founded in 1996, comes in an array of rainbow hues with scents carefully and lovingly formulated - from the original source. every recyclable bottle tells you a little life story of the ingredients, such as how many mint leaves were needed to make the minty bottle, or how many mangoes were mooshed up, pulped and squooshed to give you a club tropicana shower party 🎊

as a creative by nature, I've teamed with original source to give you an insight into some potential new scents currently on the drawing board 🎨 three to be precise, which you can discover below... AND VOTE to which is your favourite by SHARING this post and captioning the scent you like the sound of best!

Allow me to introduce...

The existing range can be found here and is sold at all major beauty and food outlets, such as Boots, Superdrug, Sainsburys and ASDA!

Whilst I let you contemplate which shower gel you'd like to get bubbly with, let's explore the existing range, unravel the ingredients, and dive head first into a gelly delight 🌟

Hemp 🌱

Sea Salt and Samphire 🌊

Mint and Tea Tree πŸƒ

Vanilla and Raspberry πŸ‡

Mango πŸ₯­

Lemon and Tea Tree πŸ‹

Coconut and Shea Butter πŸ₯₯

Rhubarb and Raspberry πŸ‡

Lime πŸ”°

Apple and Melon 🍈

Pineapple and Lemon Zest 🍍

Raspberry and Rose 🌹

Don't forget to share and caption your favourite concept scent on Facebook or Instagram! AND to give this post a heart πŸ’Ÿ

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