It's time to be honest with yourself...

Honesty is the best policy, right? We apply this day to day with others, but as humans, we have a tendency to never employ this nature upon ourselves and our own mindset.

We will, like ostriches, bury our head in the sands. We will, like sloths, slumber through the problems. We will, like an alligator, snap at others who prompt us to face the issue. We don’t like having flaws, and what we hate more, is when others highlight them.

But listen: it’s perfectly okay to have flaws. It’s normal to make mistakes. It’s okay to have a problem or two, three or more. But what isn’t okay… is not making the effort to improve the problem at hand.

This new printable from LAITMYLK is for you and your eyes only. Print it out, and fill it in to start taking the steps towards true personal development, and slowly but surely whittling down the issues that are a nothing but a bore and a bothersome bee in our perfect little garden that is our life.

Love Bucci




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