It's time you really understood PTSD...

PSTD: post traumatic stress disorder. This is an anxiety based disorder which is caused by stressful, frightening or distressing events from an individuals past. Though it is not fully understood and remains a mystical in regards to how we treat it and analyse it within psychology, from our understandings we know that it is to do with the brain improperly processing the event causing the memory sectors of the brain to fire a fight, flight or freeze response that causes anything from vivid flashbacks, nightmares, to reliving the experience cognitively; repetitive images and physical sensations linked to the event of trauma… and even pain,

trembling and sensitivity to their surroundings.

For me, my PTSD is caused by a history of sexual abuse and harassment, bullying, hospitalisation stays accompanied by abuse and distressing events, and verbal abuse from family members. I've not been to war. I've not witnessed death. I've not been beaten up - but that's where there misconception lies. People think PTSD only happens and can only happen to "really significant events". You are sorely mistaken.

This infographic set explores what PTSD, what the individual may experience,  and how you can help.

Be kind. Be patient. Be educated.

Love Bucci 



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