Kueen Kylie - The Lookbook by Laitmylk in association with Shein

love or hate the kardashian-jenner klan, it kannot be designed that their business taktiks and kultural influence has literally shaken up the social media spectrum, set new trends, defined mew beauty standards and paved way to an avenue of e-commerce and e-influence that we have never seen before.

tragic? to some, maybe πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

terrific? to most, I will argue yesπŸ‘πŸΌ

kim we know for many things...

a sex tape. studying to be a lawyer. helping with crimincal justice reform. her app. her skincare line. her fragrances. her makeup brand. SKIMS.

she's endless.

khloe khloe khloe... the one that was "no ones fave" for ao long came back with a body vengeance and her jeans brand Good American - taking on Levi's and bulldozing the casual wear cosmos.

kourtney has her quirks. she is the idgaf outspoken one, and despite her sharp tongue not managing to salvage the trios clothing store DASH, she has since moved on to juggling full time sexy mama life in coercian with running POOSH, which is... kinda like LAITMYLK! So we love a kourtney vibe πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

kendall is the model.

no need to elaborate.

kris be dat momager, coining the phrase mom-manager before anyone else in the management game. and at age 60, she is one hot force both visually and morally to be reckoned with

and then, lastly... but damn girl not least


now, I will be brazen and admit that I used to strongly dislike kylie. I considered her the sponge of kim's successes, launching KYLIE COSMETICS only as a result of being born into wealth. and whilst this is not incorrect... she has rightfully come into her own, defined a whole new chapter of beauty products, and is now a mother. young, sure. experienced? perhaps, perhaps not. but i'd like to see the average jane or joe do what she does and maintain social composure.

most celebrities are single pringles and experience major breakdowns. have any of the K Klan? nope.

illustration credit to Tommy Siegel

they're strong. and maybe its my Armenian bias that makes me really be the ultimate K-fans, but the facts are factual; they're the power possy of the gen pop!

in association with SHEIN i bring you a lookbook focusing on Kylie's Kutest Fitz, and goving you the hot links to the next best thing items that you can purchase to get a little but Krazy with.

Being a kardashian is a state of mind, I say.


white chicks

SHEIN Solid Half Zip Crop Sweatshirt & Joggers


bandana princess

SHEIN floral bandana

SHEIN mini blue ruched bag

SHEIN beige joggers

SHEIN beige corduroy jacket

SHEIN beige chunky sneakers


burgundy boho

SHEIN wet effect burgundy trousers

SHEIN burgundy swirl crop top


ill take mustard with that hotdog please

SHEIN off shoulder hot yellow bandeau dress


ivory coast

SHEIN white bustier

SHEIN white ribbed trousers

SHEIN stone trench coat

SHEIN white croc box bag


pink duffles

SHEIN metallic pink duffle coat

SHEIN white boots

SHEIN white ribbed turtleneck

SHEIN block white mini skirt


so kasual

SHEIN white tube top

SHEIN stone grey high waist shorts


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