When you are struck by ill health, and have the dynamics of your life shifted, the seemingly normal and easy can-do's YOU know become heightened laborious tasks. Something as negligible and automatic as walking up the street becomes a mission more likened to trekking the Himalayas. A bath, draining, like the water that runs down the plug hole...

And the concept of travelling? I should be so lucky. That's why the power of the mind is so precious. You can paint a picture in your third eye of the places, the people, the cities, the sands; the buildings, the skies, and ever roaming lands. You can travel, you've just got to harness The Secret of visualisation.

For those that don't have to simply visualise however... and are lucky enough (because you ARE) to actually hope aboard a plane, fly the sky like a bird and come home to roost on new grounds... LAITMYLK is giving you the opportunity to be inspired for your next lifechanging exploration abroad. To the magical realms and open plan winding paths of Sedona.

No less: The Enchantment Resort of Sedona Valley.

A gorgeous high desert hideaway, an enchanting adobe refuge, and a secluded private ranch that’s pure luxury—these road-trip-friendly retreats will sate the cooped-up urbanite’s appetite for adventure.

When the russet red crevices and curves of Arizona's Sedona hit your eyes for the first time, it becomes apparent that Heaven is, indeed, a place on Earth. A form of heaven nestled between dramatic rock formations and saturated ember hues of the canyons which stand as the crown jewels to Sedona's very own Enchantment Resort desert oasis.

To get to this bite of heaven, a two-hour drive from Phoenix is all one must succumb to, but to be frank, who doesn't love a road trip? Particularly when the whirling scenes going by are as picturesquely as Sedona’s otherworldly allure?

The complex offers an eclectic, dare I say, prismatic array of delights ranging from jam packed itineraries to jammed out moments of blissful nothingness. Alter the days from one to the next by becoming a starfish at the turquoise toned pool, or have your body rid of tension and toxins at the Mii Amo Spa... or simply sit, in a tranquil and silenced state at the views present and waiting at the rim of your adobe casita. The choice is entirely yours.

You don’t have to venture too far to immerse yourself in the naturalistic magic of the location eitherc, as all that soul-feeding natural wonder is right there in your backyard. Just a mere few steps into the sandy dunes...

Answering the “what’s on the agenda for today” question is easy. You don’t want to rush through all the hiking, sightseeing, and energy vortexing this mystic mecca has to offer. So we’ll lay out the highlights.

Like the two-mile trek up Devil's Bridge to an impressive and highly photogenic sandstone arch (on foot, or on wheels... whatever works).

The insane 360-degree red-rock views at one such spiritual vortex, Cathedral Rock the experience over Kölsches and carnitas Sedona Beer Company).

Let’s not discount the galleries, wine bodegas, and crystal shops galore lining the cobblestone passageways of Tlaquepaque.

And when when hunger strikes, make sure you’ve got a sundown reservation at Mariposa on lock.

To travel or not to travel, that is the question. COVID depending, we can tamper with this token of thought... but bookmark this experience in your mind and in your maps. Because it is one that with enchant you... it is, after all, The Enchantment Resort.

and of course...


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