Lauren Martin: A Happy Martian World 👽 🌈 🌷 🌟 🪐

what is the purpose of art, really? it's certainly a deeply philosophical question that can expand from innocence and naivety, to deep rooted political foundations.

but with total certainty I can tell you that the illustrative delights of lauren martin are nothing other than heartfelt, wholesome, visual lucky charms to boost your confidence and happy-o-meter by tenfold.

when I discovered lauren's work, I felt myself do a time warp into the 70s. suddenly I was not in my studio, but i was at woodstock festival with pansies and daisy chains in my hair, smokin' on some kaleidoscopic mushrooms, jivin and boogyin' to bongos and acoustic guitars.

THAT is what art should do. It should TRANSPORT you 🌈 👽 🌟 🎨

Based in the big apple 🍏 NYC, and a part time musician as the guitar/synthist to the band Frankie Combos, Lauren produces work of bold opaque colours, cartoony vibes to emerge the hidden child within us all, and googly eyes to make us see a cheerier world. Each doodle masterpiece encompasses a quietly political or environmental standpoint also, adding relevance and potency to her works.

Take her illustratioms for the New York Magazine "Best Bets: Not Melting", or The New York Times "How to Ask If Everything's Okay When It's Clearly Not." The simplistic form of two telephone receicera embracing resonates with us all in a world where, presently, the only means of connecting with one another IS through a phone or a screen 📺 ☎️

Another composition that is visually eloquent in every sense of the world and highly relatable is this diamond:

Aren't we all like this little madame to some degree? Trying to juggle working at home from the living room office, shifting occassionally to the second floor for a crucially important Zoom... whilst baking a loaf of sourdough bread from a Facebook food video you simply felt inspired by? Oh and let's not forget the desire to work that core and become a Peleton Pro champion pedal-yoga-cardio bunny hybrid.

We can all relate to Lauren's work. Because it's so relevant to todays social climate.

Follow her amazing and chirpy illustrations on her official instagram, and don't forget to switch on notifications for the occasional burst of happy vibes from that usually sombre LED phone screen.

We're in this together, guys! So let's get sunny 🌞


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