Let's Talk About Abuse

I am very passionate about a lot of things. Fashion, design, art and makeup being obvious pinpoints, sure. But there are deeper and more profound issues that I am equally, if not more, zealous about… dominantly mental health and wellbeing.

The most influential and inspiring people, I find, have been through trauma. Whether this consists of mental health issues, significant losses; injury, ill health, war; coming from a background of poverty or next to nothing - and you have to question why.

I believe it is because for every individual who has been through trauma, with the right tools to process the events, you can channel that experience into transferable methods, words and actions to inspire and help others going through the same or near similar things. Abuse being a profound issue that is still, to this day, swept under the carpet.

Once upon a time, I would have never been able to speak about my abuse as a child. Sexual abuse - to be specific. Bullying, secondarily. And abuse to this very day emotionally and mentally by people who won’t be named and shamed. Why? Because I’m stronger than that. I’m bigger than that. I’m better than that. And so are you, if you are going through abuse.

Abuse comes in many forms, which the general population fail to realise. In movies and media, abuse is portrayed as a woman with a black eye, or the nerdy kid having their glasses smashed. Or a neglectful parent leaving their child to their own devices, or the most obvious of all: rape. But there is far more to abuse than the media and education system present.

The Keverian Foundation is my secondary project besides founding LAITMYLK, and creatively directing my artwork for you beautiful people. It’s a project that is charitable, aims to make change, and create a momentum from now into the future to get people talking and get people educated about chronic ill health, and other mental health issues.

The focus today is abuse in it’s many obscure shapes and forms… and to make them easier to understand, and for you to share with friends and family, I’ve created a set of infographics (informational graphic designs) that explore what abuse is, the signs and how to help.

Don’t suffer in silence. Whether you are the victim, or a witness. You have the power to make change for yourself and for others. You deserve a better life; one absent of seclusion and pain, guilt tripping, gaslighting, bruises and scars - both emotional and physical.

Please share my infographics on social media platforms with friends and family to give a voice to the people in quietude. It’s time to get LOUD.

Love, Bucci x



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