London's First Virtual Coffee Festival... Today!

London coffee festival... but virtual!

Nothing beats the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The aroma of earthy grains filtered to create a smooth, bittersweet goblet of mahogany elixir, accented by notes of toasted cocoa, or tints of dried tart fruits; caramelised nuts and a rich chemical component keeping us tickity boo and wide awake all day long.

The whole point of experiencing coffee is olfactory and taste bud related, is it not?... so the news to the typical clan of coffee coo coos that London's infamous Coffee Festival would be VIRTUAL this year came as a tremendous blow. A blow so strong that it sent any whipped cream on top of a mocha flying into the wind...

But it's not totally the end of the world. This years coffee festival, thanks to the dramatic setup change, has had no choice but to truly level up their agenda for the event! And we could argue that it's through the digitalisation of the festival that our attention may be more enhanced and our dedication to actually LEARNING about coffee more vigilant.

And besides, the regular coffee festival (pandemic depending) will be held in full caffeinated, beanie action THIS September 2021! Complete with the usual tasting, trialling, buying and crying (with happiness).

Until then...

With LAITMYLK, we bring you the "menu" of the event, how and where to get your FREE tickets, plus some extra coffee themed goods created by Darcy Bucci herself, including infographics, a printable glossary of coffee terms, what to order from the UKs leading coffee chains, AND exclusive recipes to try at home.

Pour yourself a brew.

This is about to get good.


Coffee Glossary LAITMYLK pdf
Download PDF • 200KB

And there we have it! That's our big coffee themed post for the day!

Celebrate however you wish, but whatever you do... make sure you get yourself a coffee to go ☕️

Love always

Darcy Bucci