Loveable Interiors with Bucci and Klimchi

we decorate our homes to absolute tinsel town oblivion when christmas comes around. some do the same for easter, others for halloween, and the yanks for thanksgiving...

but what about valentine's day?

is this not the single best opportunity to lavish the home with rose petal infused candles, to adorn rooms with richly floral bouquets and for towels and bedsheets to adopt a pink and rouge colour scheme?!

perhaps its the more feminine connotations that accompany the day of l'amour... but I feel in this day and age, being lovey dovey regardless of your sex n gender is... well, sexy.

I'm comin' at you with a host of valentine's themed interior delights that are certain to gloss your living spaces into seven (though DAMN... hopefully longer 😬😜), minutes in heaven.

Scroll down to see our valentine's inspired selection, and to meet our associate brand for this post: KLIMCHI (read more below! 💖💕💌)


the candle

heretic dirty fig


A concoction of grapefruit, bergamot and soothing geranium, woven with voluptuous damask rose, then served on a bed of ripe raspberries — Dirty Fig is a seductive indulgence of succulent fruits far too enticing to pass up

buy me, baby!


the lights

mr maria lia heart lamp


Love takes all forms and shapes, love can be seen, heard and felt everywhere. Especially with this dimmable heart shaped lamp! Allow the warm glow of this soft lamp to illuminate the room

buy honey buy!


the bed sheet

skinnydip peach double duvet sheets


get that peach of yours into bed, mr and ms thang! 🍑 this is the cutest and clmfiest bed spread to humorously appreciate da booty with

buy it now!


the loungwear

le petit bateau heart print lounge set


designed for both women and children, the cutest patootsie heart printed pyjama set is here to make you comfy n cosy regardless of where you land on the romance spectrum

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the glass

je t'aime drinking glass by anthropologie


available in four hand painted designs, the Hotel Magique for Anthropologie Petit Dejeuner Juice Glasses are totally cute for breakfast in bed, sipping iced tea, slurping dat sweet H2O and pouring more n more to keep your sexy self hydrated 💦

clink click!


the cushion

meri meri love heart pillow


add some love and comfort to a bedroom with this gorgeous peach cotton velvet heart-shaped cushion. It has a sweet little coral pompom in the middle that is bound to delight!

pom pom n away!


the plates

Hotel Magique for Anthropologie Melange Dessert Plate


eat right off of a plate of love! hand painted, totally adorable and sure to add innocent childlike love spells as you munch n crunch

i want it!


the cutlery

alessi rose gold heart spoon set


let's spoon! This cutlery set is super cute for scooping n dipping into puddings because, let's be honest, whether you have someone in your life or not, dessert is the thing we all really crave 🥧

i wanna spoon!


the blanket

MAMA woven tiger throw by camille gressier textiles


love isn't just all about intimate romantics! a mothers love is arguably the strongest of all. Snuggle up and slumber down with this unique print throw

snuggly buys!



rose rosaline hobnail jug by klimchi


Easy on the eyes, rose shades calm every environment. An all-purpose glass jug, this statement piece of glassware lets you relax and pour to your hearts content

glug glug glug


the decoration

swarovski rose bouquet glass ornament


no one can resist the sparkling allure of a swarovski ornament... inspired by belle from beauty and the beast, this decoration will catch light from every angle sending shimmers of romance throughout the room

im ready to sparkle!


the cookware

le creuset heart cooking dish with lid


cook up a storm with the main ingredient of love! stoneware at its finest, and in shade options of rich red or shell pink, you can bubble n boil whatever takes your delectable fancy!

time to cook


the plushie

jellycat cherry amusable plush toy


yeah so... whilst some may want to pop their cherry, I'd rather have this.

this plushie is the cutest and quirkiest soft toy you can buy your loved one, of ANY AGE (you are never too old for plushies, period!!!)

gimme that cherry!


the bath mat

urban outfitters you look good bath mat


step out naked! but don't slip, THAT woild not be sexy. at all. soft to your tootsies, dry off and stand in nudie patootie pride!

step no sliiiide


the bath towel

donna wilson abstract pink n red towels