Magnum Ice Cream by Bucci

Magnum ice cream is a bar renowned across the world. The simple, oval shape on a stick that signals the beginning, middle and end of summer (because let's be honest, you STILL buy Magnum ice creams even when the equally frozen grasp of Jack Frost is grappling at your windowpanes).

You wouldn't suspect that Magnum as a brand was launched in the UK in 1989 and in Ireland in 1990. Seems to me like it should be OLDER, don't you agree? Something so legacy like feels as though it should be archaic.

Since it's birth however surprisingly young ago, Magnum lovers have been treated to an array of delicious flavours such as Double Chocolate, Double Caramel, Yoghurt Fresh and Magnum Intense. Then there are the unforgettable limited editions titled '7 Sins' and '5 Senses' that escalated the indulgence credentials of Magnum to giddy heights! Heck, they've even collaborated with the fashion house Dolce and Gabbana!

Here's a little collage for you to identify some rare limited flavours around the world you may have missed!

But LAITMYLK has curatorial wonders hidden up their magician warlock woven sleeves... a storm of flavour concepts that we personally feel should exist and be on shelves for all to enjoy.

Prepare your creatively cognitive senses for a selection of concept flavours devised by yours truly and take the Magnum world onto your own hands by tagging and sharing the post to @unilever and @magnum, because who knows...

This COULD just be the NEXT big thing 🍦

Please like and share this post with credit to me! Darcy Bucci Keverian, for curating these concept flavours and mock up designs!

Love always,

Darcy x