Medical Specialties Unravelled

Medical specialties are an interesting topic to discuss, whether medically inclined or not. Do you know what otorhinolaryngology is? What about pathology? A lot of us are unfamiliar with the OLOY terms that reside behind the walls of our local hospitals and general practices - so let's dive into them!

This post is a little pedestal for yours truly Bucci also - as I've been doing a lot of research lately about what medical specialties I could envisage myself specialising in one day, should I decide to progress into the medical field as a doctor (other career paths I am pondering include that of becoming an RMN - Registered Mental Health Nurse, or a Psychologist).

Scroll below to see my latest infographic set listing to you the main specialties of medicine, and a further progression into some categories and specific conditions within those fields that magnetise me.

Love, Bucci xx



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