mornings with bucci 🌞 🌱

I am a very routined person. Spontaneity, though a tremendously appealing form of existence to me, is sadly not something I CAN implement into my life thanks to an prismatic selection of far from desireable health issues. I have no choice but to be regimented, conscious and strict with my day and its timings; often causing conflict with wants vs cans. It's grim, but there is no point dwelling. After all, it's made me a robust girl in a crumbling world.

The time of day I probably savour the most IS the morning. Early rising into my favourite number 3, I awaken like a fluttery bird, never hitting snooze and - despite knowing the definites of the day and my dreary bodily functions - hop from my bed with zeal.

And thus, this post is born, where I invite you to come and spend the morning with bucci in written word. I hope to inspire you with some quirky habits, tips and tricks on how to ease into the day with optimum productivity and a plethora of happy vibes.

Wakey wakey chicky! 🐥

3am may seem crazy to some, but for me... it just works. There is something about being the only person awake, knowing you shall be undisturbed, can truly take your damn time and just exist that comforts me and calms my mind, enabling my body to truly relax which in turn reduces symptoms that can be worsened by environmental stress factors.

I get up annnnnd.....

... then the first three things I do are....

  • Put on a slick of Garnier Plant Banana Hair Mask onto my head: cools me down, wakes me up and smells divine

  • Comb it through with my one and only Angel Tangle Brush which massages my scalp - also aiding in awakening your senses

  • Moisturise my face with Q+A Collagen Cream mixed with Nip+Fab Vitamin C serum: this combination of pure collagen and orange derived vitamin C is a natural energy booster for the skin

Next I get myself on the floor and have a quick stretch, focusing on crickin' my back, flexibilising my legs (that's now a word fyi), and rolling my joints so I'm no longer embodying the physical composure of a 345 year old monk.

Now awake, remarkably, I tiptoe downstairs after pre-preparing the bathroom (laying out my clothes ready for me, and my beauty products for post-bath 🛁) and open the fridge to my one and only beloved and possibly MOST exciting portion of my day....

fyi I ONLY drink ICED COFFEE - never ever ever hot 🔥

after swigging my first two doubleshots, I immediately start my pilates routine 🧘🏻‍♀️ 🏋️‍♀️ at the moment, this entails 60-70 minutes of bicycle crunches on my back, which helps to coax my gastric muscles into action (#gastroparesisawareness), engages core muscles, is easier to do and kinda fun!

once im doing moving my body about and feel energised by my copious coffee... WE BATHE, BABY! 💦

by this time, it's around 5:30 - 6am

I run a bath of...

this leaves me naturally scrubbed n squeaky clean, whilst smelling totally super sexy

I dooooooooo like to lie in the bath for a fair bit! Self care and all 💁🏻‍♀️ but I try not to lie there until the cows come home, so that I don't fall back into a state of lethargy 🥱 half an hour usually does it, whilst I wash my hair with OGX charcoal shampoo and treat my face to my gorgeously scented and pure UpCircle coffee face scrub and mask. Once I'm out of the bath, I'll moisturise with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Solid Formula, Soap and Glory Smoothie Body Lotion and So...Vanilla Body Spray. Makeup, OBVIOUSLY, which is remarkably simple, despite what y'all may think! You will have to wait for that wondrous list though - coming soon! 🌟

Once we are bathed and washed and ready to trot, I head downstairs to my little office set up - which just so happens to be the kitchen aka the same place I have coffee, the same place I work out, and the same place I snack 👻😂

On my phone in my Notes iPhone app, I always create a to do list... which looks a little something like this:

This creates an immediate and accessible sense of organisation for me personally. Whilst some may argue the point that it only further enhances ones attachment to their phone and screentime, I beg to differ. As someone with chronic health issues, whereby my ability to go out and do seemingly normal things is quite frankly out of the question, my phone is my networking ability to connect, to socialise, to read, watch, educate explore... I have zero shame in saying that without my phone, I'd be at a loss!

With phone = happy

Without phone = depressed

I guess I'm the curveball in all these psychological studies about the link between depression and technology addiction 😂💁🏻‍♀️

The day now begins and unfolds...

I've learnt not to pressure myself lately, thanks to my chronic health conditions coming to the state they have. I've realised there is plenty of time in the day to accomplish things. I've come to terms with my body's limitations and am trying daily to be kind to my mind for not being able to do what I used to be able to. It's hard. Very hard. But my little morning routine?...

It's my greatest therapy, and my armour for the day ahead.