Moving up circle... with Up Circle!

Peculiar, don't you think, how sometimes we discover the most wonderful things when we least expect to do so?

How we can walk straight into someone and fall in love in a heart skip, or pick a pretty copper penny off the ground and genuinely have a day followed with promise and luck; find mew beauty treasures, try new foods...

Life is a roulette wheel!

And with circular wheels in motion, lemme take you Up Circle...

Nature births unto humans a host of wonderfully rich ingredients that make our skin healthier and more radiant – like used coffee grounds and brewed chai tea spices, olive pits and shea shells.

But they often end up going to landfill.

Why should all that good stuff go to waste? I can HEAR Greta Thunberg's brain vibrating...

Thats where this new, quirky and innovative beauty brand UpCircle comes FULL circle! They are reducing wastage and become a pioneering powerhouse of RRR by utilising the leftovers no one wants. The natural ingredients the bigg ass boujie brands like Creme de La Mer or Diorskin deem too... ugh to even CONSIDER incorporating into their beauty formulas.

Want to know what is actually more amusing?

UpCircle's products will do more good for your skin than those big labels.

You have my solemn word on that.

They as a UK born and bred brand are rejuventing not only the life in our skin, but into mother earth. With a coffee ground kiss and an olive pit hug, life is restored in the form of beauty products your skin will love.

Their tagline is simple:

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the pioneering products that will regenerate your skin drop my drop, lather by lather and dollop by creamy dollop...

Bucci's Top Three 🧚‍♂️


Organic Coffee Serum

Praise be to this serum of jojoba, sea buckthorny and hippy rosehip oils ☮️

I use this serum in the morning because that infamous scent of coffee sparks me awake, whilst the ingredients work to boost collagen immediately plumpin' up them cheeks. There is a very high concentration also of Vitamin C, which makes you GLOW!! Now, you'd ASSUME that putting coffee on dark circles would only darken them more right?... wrong. The coffee stimulates bloodflow to x area of application and va va voom revitalises those dark spots to brighten n lighten like the sunshine!


Clarifying Face Mask with Olive Powder

This was my second purchase from the brand and boy am I glad I invested. Made with ground olive stone powder, this produces a rich and earthy scent which mattifies (but does NOT dry) the skin, thus absorbing quickly into pores to lusciously ooze out its cocoa buttery, aloe vera calmic and zesty blood orange benefits! Vitamin E is ECSTATIC to meet you in this pot of creme de la creme!


Coffee Scrub with Peppermint

As if you couldn't already smell more like a big ol'ball of deliciousness: here I come at you with a body scrub to end all body scrubs. In a whimsical oceanic blend of refreshing and almost tropical eucalyptus and coconut oil, plus fresh sea salt and coffee grounds, this scrub buffs away dry and dead skin cells to leave you soft as a baby's bum.

You can of course follow the brand on instagram here and continue to follow for constant beauty updates on the brand and natural skincare IN GENERAL...

But for now, the stage light, spotlight, neon lights and backlights are all set and focused on movin' and groovin' up circle with UpCircle

What are you waiting for, get into the family circle of trust, as De Niro would say. It's time to get gorgeous!


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