My Lifeline is Coffee...

The mahogany toned elixir of the Gods. Mother nature’s Java juice. Ye ol’brew to awaken the slumberous man. I am of course talking about COFFEE.

Along with cocoa beans, back in the Mayan times, coffee was currency. And still to this day, Coffee sourced from around the equator - be it Peruvian, Ghanaian, Guatemalan, Indian or Ethiopian (and that’s only a handful of the World Coffee Belt), is a major industry and income. If only I could grow a coffee plantation in my garden... Whimsical and totally inhabitable coffee concepts aside, we’re here to introduce you to a range of unique products that are inspired by another big C... CBD: Cannabidiol.

Welcome to MY LIFELINE, a wholly unique trio of cold brew coffee sold in cutely aesthetic medicine style bottles, each infused with CBD oil and a variety of subtle flavours to tantalise your tastebuds, whilst also de stressing the nervous system and - in theory - augmenting your cold brew coffee experience through a balance of caffeine for alertness, and cannabidiol for composure.

The flavours?... why, I thought you’d never ask. We have the classic cold brew, coconut and spiced (an odd infusion of spiced pear with warming spices such as cinnamon). You can also refer to these flavours as the Cool one, the Calm one, and the Collected one. Discover more of each flavour below, with our unique touch of LAITMYLK...

The Cool One: Classic Cold Brew

Say no more for this is the classiest and the coolest. Simple 90% arabica, 10% robusta blend of coffee from Peru, Colombia and India. 0% THC. 100% Cannabidiol. Sip, savour and serve your chilliest vibes.

The Calm One: Coconut Cold Brew

You’ve heard countless times by now why Coconuts are the ultimate superfood. Rich in powerful antioxidants and abundant with proteins, essential fatty acids and chains, alongside electrolytes, it’s the bees knees of the palm tree world. A dash of comely vanilla extract offers antibacterial, antioxidant and antidepressant properties, as well as magnesium and potassium.

And a final touch of Cardamom rounds off this flavour with a sweetness of ancient nectar, whilst lowering blood pressure and improve breathing.

The Collected One: Spiced Cold Brew

A delicate blend of coffee from Colombia, Peru and India with 20mg of CBD extracted hemp.

Pears, rich in folate and niacin, combine with this coffee powerhouse to enhance cellular function and energy production in the body. Blended with Liquorice root, an addition of natural sweetness is born into this bottle of cold brew. Liquorice is also pretty badass as it’s proven in many gastroenterological studies to enhance repair of stomach lining and restore balance, thanks to the anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties of glycyrrhizic acid.


As a design agency and creative consultant, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t get our founder to instil some product wisdom and inspiration!

“This brand speaks volumes to me and I’m confident it’s going to take off Within the health conscious and coffee lover communities. As a Middle Eastern girl however, I’d love to see the brand get creative with their flavours and incorporate rose and cocoa into future concoctions! Here are some mockup designs LAITMYLK have curated in hope of a future collaboration with My Lifeline Cold Brew Coffees” - Bucci Chola, Creative Director and Founder of LAITMYLK



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