My Skincare Routine

My skin has not always been in good shape, and I'd be point blank lying to you if I said it was airbrushed perfect now! I still get the occassional planet on my forehead, or a white head on my jawline (thanks a lot coronavirus mask) - and Lord knows I'll probably always have dark circles (genetics haven't blessed me in this department).

But by experimenting with my skin and honing in on the products that truly compliment my skin type, I've watched with relief as my skin has cleared up and breakouts have subsided - s i g n i f i c a n t l y.

The skin is like the body: no two are the same. my skin will respond differently to a cream than yours, and vice versa. in fact, to show off my derma skills, lets run through the main skin types:

generally speaking, all skin types respond well and benefit from the inclusion of the following ingredients,..

But do remember to take this with a pinch of salt, and whenever possible, before splurging the full price tag on a boujie product promising skin as silken as egyptian cotton, get a tester to trial first.

With all that said and done, now it'sy turn to give you a play by play (as regina george would say!) of how I personally look after my skin, from day to night.

to wash my face

🦋 marks and spencer scottish heather honey

🦋 super facialist vitamin c+ brighten

🦋 up circle peppermint 'body' scrub (once a week)

why honey?

Honey is nature's richest and most organic form of skincare. adopted by the egyptians and used heftily in ancient mesopotamia, honey comes with an abundance of antioxidants, naturally antibacterial compounds, is deeply moisturising and antiseptic too. I take a little dollop and rub into my face like I would a cream for about 3 minutes. Sometimes I'll leave it on for a bit longer if i want a quick and easy face mask, mixing it with a dash of ground turmeric, to create an amber golden glow in as little as 10 minutes!

As for the super facialist cleansing oil... oof it's just sheer bliss. luxuriously gel like but light and nourishing, with a delightfully warm citrus scent. Dominantly composed of natural ingredients, this little bottle of sunshine is my go to oil-cleanser.

Now, the peppermint scrub... okay, yes it says 'body scrub', but the ingredients are face friendly, and the blend of eucalyptus and peppermint is so utterly refreshing, whilst also minimising bacterial presence. I only use a deep scrub like this once a week, because exfoliating TOO much can make you break out - and I mean BADLY. This is because you're removing the skins natural sebum layer (the layer of the skin that generates natural face oils to keep you lush n dewy).

to prep and prime pre makeup

🦋 upcircle coffee serum

🦋 revolution turmeric serum

upcircle coffee serum wakes up the skin with its naturally present caffeine molecules, plumping and invigorating cells to literally WAKE TF UP! apart from being coffee infused, it is also laden with floral extracts and essential oils, nourishing the skin at a cellular level. As for the turmeric: the natural yellow pigment aids in creating that desirable holiday hue across the face. I like to focus the application of this serum under the eyes to combat dark circles and shadows.

to remove my makeup

🦋 good hemp hemp oil

🦋 marks and spencer scottish heather honey

🦋 woven yarn / dish cloth (similar to these)

with some lukewarm water running, poir some hemp oil into your hands and rub rub rub your face in circular motions to shift your makeup from its place. oil is THE SINGLE BEST WAY to remove makeip, and I will fight a b🌟tch on this. No chemicals. No excessive ingredients. Just PURE oil which, when combined with water, creates a micellar effect that just moves makeup like there's no tomorrow. Use a dampened face cloth to wipe away the makeup, and repeat to ensure nothings left. I finish off by washing with honey again, much like in the morning for an extra nourishing and squeaky clean vibe.

to moisturise and tone after makeup

🦋 disciple 1000mg cannabis oil

🦋 st tropez gradual tanning cream

cannabis oil is renowned for being good at fixing everything. from aches and pains to anxiety. but skinwise, it's also heavily nourishing and nullifies breakouts by... well, I'm not entirely sure, but i like to THINK it gives those "spot creators" a "really strong joint" so they f🌟cking relax rather than deciding to attack your face with spots. Because I'm a tanoholic, I also moisturise with st tropez gradual tinted tanning cream. Smells like a holiday, and makes me LOOK like I've been on holiday too! 🌞

And there you have it!

Are you somewhat surprised by how minimalistic my routine is? Most are. I truly cannot emphasise enough that LESS IS MORE with skincare - especially your beautiful face. Overwashing and over exfoliating will actually make you break out MORE, and contrary to popular belief, putting essential oils and creamy products on seemingly spot prone skin is NOT going to make it worse.

In fact, it'll probably make it better🦋💖

Trust little Bucci and get your booty down to a Boots or CultBeauty, Sainsburys or chemist, and invest in the products and methods I've let you in on above. Its a beauty secret that I don't want to be a secret 😉


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