Narciso Rodriguez New Perfume x Harrods

If you happen to be a Sex And The City fan, and are blessed with a memory of Midas gold, the name Narcisco Rodriguez should be one you automatically recognise as a go to designer of the outrageously luscious Samantha (played by Kim Cattrall). Or wven if you've admired the real life of Carrey's Sarah Jessica Parker whilst pregnant - who's wardrobe frequented Narcisco's flowing and fluid designs. A step back from Sex And The City, maybe you know Narcisco's clothing from the renowned Carolyn Bessette Kennedy in her slinky, bias-cut wedding dress (because who could really ever escape that iconic fashion image?)

This is a designer without limits and with expansive dreams, inspiring the masses as a man who came from a labouring family of frugal Cuban immigrants. In an interview recorded with Rodriguez, he once stated that he "drove everyone in the house crazy, staying up all night (in my black and white bedroom), watching black and white films. It’s probably why I design so much in black and white even now.’ (Along with ‘boudoir pink’, they’re his signature colours.)

But his favourite... Was Greta Garbo

"She was so aloof, sensual, mysterious – and stylish. But in fact, all the women in my house were my style inspirations, too – my mother, my aunts, my great-aunts; they had their wig boxes, and their fake Chanel suits and stilettos, and for the beach, they had these fabulous black bathing suits…" - Narciso Rodriguez

This is a man who adores women, and on whose catwalk you’ll never see anything that could turn any of us into fashion victims. ‘I’m on a mission,’ he says. ‘When I create, it’s for a woman’s pleasure, to bring her joy. It’s to give her something that makes her happy, something that makes her feel good.’

Since the launch of his debut fragrance, there is, happily, a way for all of of us to enjoy what Narciso Rodriguez does for women - even if you can't quite afford the tag on his clothing. His first signature fragrance – narciso rodriguez for her – was inspired by the Egyptian musk oil that a friend gave to the teenage Narciso, and about which he’s obsessed ever since.

It’s a-swirl with rose and gardenia, buffed by musk and crystalline amber, in the base.

Simplicity and clarity are the key themes... with a lustrous presentation of elegance that is quietly complex within its unravelling olfactory splendour.

Now however, Narcisco's is pushing boundaries even more. In a Harrods exclusive, LAITMYLK explores his latest fragrance release Patchouli Musc Intense Eau de Parfum.

An exclusive scent from Narciso Rodriquez, the Patchouli Musc eau de parfum leaves a captivating trail that invites you on an olfactory journey. Perfectly balancing spicy notes with woody inspirations, the scent opens with ylang-ylang before developing into a sweet floral bouquet at its heart comprised of jasmine and patchouli, while rich vanilla seamlessly rounds off the fragrance with warming undertones.

If you are as entranced, enticed and enraptured by this captivating scent as LAITMYLK is, you can either now personally visit the exquisite sixth floor perfumery hall at Harrods to collect your bottle in person, which let's be honest, is a much more fulfilling experience... or you can opt to buy your golden bottle of vanilla infused music here.

With love always,

Darcy Bucci

Founder and Creative Director of LAITMYLK


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