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Seeing as we have all unwillingly become hermits huddled in our homes like newly born bunnies in a nest of the woodlands... we're having to get creative with being indoors.

Work, we must, to not forget what it means to be outside, to see and feel life, to touch plants and breathe in sugared petals that dance through the breeze as we walk in a park because we WANT to, not because it's all we CAN do.

For many, nature is incredibly healing. People have often said from a therapeutic stance that uptaking hobbies such as plant keeping, gardening or even just flower arranging can help to alleviate stress, restore mindful balance and enhance ones appreciation for the seemingly small yet powerfully good things in their life.

But when being outside is deemed a "hazard", we have to resort to the next best thing: bringing nature IN.

Laitmylk teams with OKA to inspire your living space with decor of naturalistic themes, whether that be in the form of a jug, artificial bouquet, candle or light. Bring in the sunshine, darlings, and make your home truly feel like home.

LAKADEMA leopard bookends £70

These wild bookends have joined our best-selling Lakadema Range. Crafted from painted resin, they can't wait to prowl through your books and take centre stage on a shelf

Temae Lidded Pot - Seagreen £170

Bring the ocean waves into your home with this hand-painted, watercolour-style design in similar shades to the ones you would expect to find in the miles of ocean that border Temae Beach in French Polynesia.

Set of Eight Coral and Seaweed Prints - Green £495

Displayed in a box-shaped frame for a contemporary look, this set of eight coral and seaweed prints brings a little bit of the aquatic world inside. They look equally as striking hung together or on their own.

Decorative golden poulpe £55

Octopi have a myriad of skills tucked underneath their many tentacles: they can swim up to an astonishing 25 miles per hour, taste whatever they touch and skilfully camouflage themselves in order to capture prey and escape predators. This decorative golden octopus is equally multi-talented: use our faux octopus to store rings and bracelets, achieve a coastal-style scheme or bring a playful element to a bathroom or dressing room.

Demoiselle Dish - Verdigris £195

This leaf-shaped dish could have fallen from a tree in an enchanted forest. Its coppery tones imbue the design with a dash of opulence and the faux verdigris effect certainly draws the eye. The Demoiselle is ideal for storing sets of keys or stationery and would make a unique paperweight.

Artichoke stand in green £50

A purely decorative object, this artichoke has been cast in resin to look and feel like the real thing and then hand-painted to complete the effect. Deep grooves decorate the ornament, mimicking the florets and stem of a real artichoke.

Faux Wild Rowanberry Stem - Orange £20 a stem

Rowanberries grow all over the world. They turn orange first but go red as they ripen. Unlike other types of berry, they are poisonous if eaten raw, which is why they rarely feature in bunches. Luckily, these faux variety has all the beauty of a real rowanberry with the added benefit of being child and pet friendly.... and also never dying! This elegant stem is a lovely way to bring a burst of colour to a bunch of flowers or wreath.

Concha acrylic paperweight £175

Many of us like displaying shells in our interiors; one of nature’s best souvenirs, they’re mementoes of far-flung trips and days at the beach. To preserve our shells (a whelk and a sea urchin), we set them in blocks of clear acrylic, transforming them into beautiful, practical ornaments for your home. They could also be used as paperweights if you want to bring an aquatic element to your workspace.

Kolokythi Wide Decorative Bowl - Aruba Blue £20

A charming, pumpkin-shaped bowl with a rustic finish. Made from terracotta with a crackle glaze, it would be an ideal home for keys, paperclips or other miscellaneous small items

and finally...

Juventa Bevelled Mirror - Antique Gold £450

Bring the great orbic sun into a room, with this metallic finished, concave centred and bevelled detailed mirror. It could almost be the metalwork which used to adorn Roman soldiers - which is exactly why we named it after the goddess Juventas. It's ideal for displaying in an awkward space, due to its circular shape, or looks wonderful arranged in a trio.


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