Not Just Another Idea... The Exhibition

Welcome to the art world during a period of corona infused confusion and an ever cloying sensation of questioning. 

What is the future of art exhibitions? How are galleries actually going to govern who is in and who is out of the vast and expansive floors, scaling metres high and wide? We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. But for the time being, the online e-gallery cosmos is thriving. 

The latest exhibition cyber space in drawing focus upon is via a platform titled “Another Idea”, via The Gray Centre which they like to call... “an actual conceptual exhibition”. In this online galleria, all artworks featured are inherently ephemeral. Many unfold over time slowly as a tortoise, giving the viewer a story to follow, whilst others appear in quick pop up pockets like an electric spark. Quick! And then gone.

What makes this e-exhibition even more encapsulating, is that a lot of the works are contingent on the site viewers participation, giving you the floor as conductor to the orchestra of art that is and is not shown. Many however are iterative, and will simply transform from one medium into another. It’s a wonderland of unexpected surprises and a labyrinth of art to be discovered... a maze whereby the lush and verdant leaves shape-shift and switch paths, just like in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. 

To view each artist featured, you simply click on the name displayed - with no preceding explanation, bio or clue as to what you will be unveiling. 

As lockdown gradually lifts, and the avalanche desire to re-engage with each other on the internet as our only means of social survival plateaus... do remain in a 50/50 state of awareness. Don’t completely erase the reality of this viruses invisible curse by throwing caution to the wind and not giving a fudge. Instead, enjoy what leisure’s are returning, whilst balancing the external liberty with a more virtual space, a safer space, an internal space.

The exhibition is headquartered here, on the Gray Center website, while supporting the exhibition’s fluctuating presence on other platforms. The works in Another Idea also live wherever they are experienced...

they can be printed at home... performed in the street... spoken in the dark... watched on screens... listened to on headsets... installed in a park... or thought about in the bath.

Conceived and organized by Zachary Cahill and Mike Schuh


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