on the quest for quest bars

I have many addictions in my life. Iced coffee. Makeup. Matcha lattes with copious pumps of vanilla syrup. Crystals and gemstones. Earrings. Adding an obscene amount of items to my shopping cart before emptying it and starting again with a sigh. Standard womanly things. As you do.

But there is one addiction that is perhaps a beneficial one more so than a hindrance... and that is my long term love affair for Quest Bars.

You may have or should have heard the name. A beacon like title within the health and fitness community spelling protein power, feeding the craving, low carb hungry mouths of millions of Americans and their latecoming global neighbours with flavours that sound too good to be true... but most certainly aren't!

From humble beginnings, Quest was started by Tom Bilyeu, Ron Penna, and Mike Osborn, all software industry veterans, in 2010. Their first protein-packed nutrition bars duplicated a recipe devised by Penna's wife Shannan Penna, then a fitness trainer. And the rest?... well, the rest is quite obviously history. Now living lusciously with a net worth approximated at around $400 million, it's safe to say Bilyeu's quest doesn't have a lot to do with making more of the chaching. But rather focusing on keeping his Quest followers happy.

Which I can vouch for you to be!

In the laitmylk office, we splurged. We went a bit coocoo. We went on a quest for Quest bars and munched our way through every exciting flavour we could get our hands on! And all for your benefit. Running through our TOP SIX flavours, we hope to simultaneously inspire you with a lowdown on what's in a quest bar, and why we love them so dearly.

Ready steady GO!

It's time to go pro mode.

Who doesn't love a blueberry muffin? This flavour in particular brings to life the much loved bakery product that just creates a mental mode of waking up in the heart of New York City, with a cup o'joe, and a muffin in tow. Deliciously moreish, dense and chunky with doughy pieces of blueberry muffin, white chocolatey chunks and a smooth vanilla undertone... it's by far our absolute favourite!

Another classic American craving and delight! The combination of cookies and cream... that Oreo-esque taste that graces the entire planet in an array of forms is now a bar and ready to be munched! Thick gorgeous chunks white chocolate, a nougat like texture and crumbly cookie pieces: watch out Oreo! You've got competition!

There is something so perfect about combining white chocolate, which is notoriously creamy and soothing... with the bitter tartness of a fruity berry. It balances the acidity and gives it a big old vanilla coated hug! This bar does just that, bringing to life a decadent dessert flavour combination you'd half expect in a michelin style restaurant. Yes, soufflé chocolat blanc framboise? Oui, s'il vous plait, oui!

Howdy partner, it's your true heart tollhouse cookie dough queen bringing y'all a batch of homemade baked goods to give you a darn good tootin' doughy day! Cookie dough batter delight in a bar minus the risk of feeling poorly 🥴 Solid win! Complete with big ol' dark milk chocolate chunks and the infamous vanilla bean flavouring we all know and love, you'll struggle to just have one of these bad boys...

Close your eyes and you're basically eating the world's greatest sugar sprinkled, freshly baked, swirly wirly spongey fluffy confection of the humble cinnamon roll. But chewier. Denser. More substantial and satisfying. Confuse your senses, but comfort your temptations with the cinnamon roll bar.

The newest and quirkiest kid on the block. The Canadian maple leaf, an amorous amber elixir oozing with honeyfied goodness... liquid gold, some would say. Especially when drizzled or drenched over a stack of freshly baked fluffy waffles 🧇 Hubba hubba honeybun, I'ma chew you chomp you into my tum!

You can shop Quest bar online here via their official website, where they have more than just protein bars too!

Get discovering. Get munching. Get Questing!


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