Pico: The Art of Chocolate

Updated: Jan 25

Ironically, I am writing about Pico whilst listening to Rico (Nasty). The exact track that is reverberating around the room is Sugar Trap, with lyrics "welcome to my sugar trap" perfectly embodying how I feel about Pico Chocolate.

🍫 Vegan

🍫 Certified organic

🍫 Fairtrade

🍫 Raw and natural ingredients

🍫 No emulsifiers

🍫 No fakey flaky colours and nothing Nasty

(sorry Rico!)

Pico is a brand that quite evidently lives and breaths those cocoa beans to their core. They treat chocolatiering as a professional sport, not a hobby, with scrupulous devotion in the manner of crafting and blending ingredients ultimately leading to the production of... well, fine art.

Always authentic, like fine art should be, Pico is the bringing together of art and incredible chocolate like you’ve never tasted before.

Dare I say: Seven minutes in heaven? Guess so, if you can manage to eat one bar a minute!

A sumptuous 48% cocoa masterpiece resulting in smooth and creamy chocolate made entirely from almond mylk!

A darker blend at 55% cocoa, sprinkled and swirled with toasted coconut flakes and a coconut mylk base.

45% cocoa infused with crunchy hazelnut pieces... think Ferrero Rocher but BETTER and RAWER!

One dark minty infused night... a spectacle blur of 58% cocoa met with herbal mintiness to create a crisp and oddly refreshing cocoa made match in heaven.

A bar laden with crunchy caramel pieces and sea salt flakes for a bit of confectionary bite!

Ahoy matey! Sea salt and the waves of the ocean have splashed into a bowl of cocoa to make a sweet and rich bar that truly raises the bar against other all other salted chocolates out there!

Classic and simple: rich dark chocolate at its finest.

Almond milk based chocolate infused with rose water for a delightful floral touch

Dark blend of chocolate touched with a spicy hint of red chilli flakes

A "white chocolate" made of coconut milk swirled with sicilian lemon oil for a creamy yet tart appeal

Out of the flavour concepts above, which do YOU like the most? Leave a comment below on LAITMYLK, share the post, and @ Pico to see the flavour some to life in a store near you!

PICO is available at many major retailers across the UK, from Sainsburys to Planet Organic. Come discover your piece of PICO today.


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