Pulling Heartstrings with Sadaf Nava: A Performance Artist Unlike Any Other...

“They say if you can make it here you can make it anywhere...” - an eternal and ethereal quip on NYC, The Big Apple. The home of another contemporary artist who is rich in her personal histories, raw in her cultural palettes and abundant with lustrous and inquisitive charm. 

Meet Sadaf H Nava, a young woman whose work breaks the traditional boundaries of crossing mediums and genres of art... creating in its replacement an extensive array of temporary experiments that conjure feelings that fade as quickly as they emerged. 

She is also a skilled musician. With the amorously melancholic strings of the violin, in combination with lustrous vocals. Combine this with a further talent of being a “performance / visual artist”, Sadaf worked to weave her unique sound into a layered production on “History of Heat”, the title of her debut album released last year, which you can listen to here

The result of these spellbinding ingredients is a cauldron bubbling splendiferously with crimson burning emotions with flecks of firey improvisation. something a lot of modern artists are incapable of doing. 

At times difficult to describe and often intangible, it’s better to go into Sadaf’s work without expecting anything... but simultaneously expect everything. A performance by Sadaf to some could be described as messy: where is the verse the bridge the chorus? The sequence of music to which popular chords have coerced us into over the decades? Instead, simply embrace the sounds  and allow the miscellaneous beats and bass lines to wrap themselves around you, and simultaneously unwrap a story. 

Visually, she is a spectacle hybrid of Marina Abramovic meets Cool World’s Holli character. She’s sensuous and sexy, but raw and unapologetically probing at societies expectation and perception of a woman’s placement within the contemporary art scene. She doesn’t cave to what is normal or accepted in art. She is creating her own elixir, venom and antidote of visual arts for us to taste. The question is... are you brave enough to try it? 

Discover Sadaf on Instagram 

And at thisisfair.org to view her physical artworks


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