Schizophrenics aren't Crazy People

Schizophrenia has in history been depicted very poorly, which is what has ultimately led to a total misconception and taboo affect amidst society. People assume schizophrenics are temperamental, delirious, see and hear things; are manipulative and dangerous. But this is simply not true. The condition is psychiatric, yes, but there is a lot more complexity to the issue that one would initially realise if uneducated on the illness.

The person is never to blame, deriving from a foundation of both environmental and genetic factors. There are 8 totally different forms of schizophrenia that an individual may be diagnosed with - this alone should immediately resonate with you in that calling schizophrenics 'crazy' is not only hurtful, but harmful.

Read and discover my latest infographic set informing you on the myths surrounding schizophrenia, the characteristics, medications and therapies, dissociative qualities and more.

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