Seemingly in Love with SeemSoap🧼💦🤲🏻

When would one perceive a bar of soap to be a form of art? With shapes comely and curvaceous, or geometric and gemstone like, that is precisely what the natural soap brand SEEM SOAP has accomplished. They look like polished rocks freshly born from the underbelly of a lava laden volcano... or chips of crystals carved from a lagoon submerged cave.

Colours gradient into one another effortlessly like ripples in a pond, leaving their clientele jumping from lily pad to lily pad of delightful scents tantalising the senses. Handmade in Paris France, and composed of a totally natural vegetable base, the brand prides itself on a no waste policy. No shape of soap is too “abstract”, thus no product gets thrown in the bin. Further than this still, the packaging is entirely recyclable also.

With four fragrance collections to choose from, the biggest decision you have to make is which shape speaks to your soul the most. From Vertige, to Patience, Paradoxes or Songe... make your selection and prepare to soak in soapy bliss.  


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