Self Love into June: eating disorder recovery

Some who have followed myself and laitmylk for a while will be conscious of the fact that I was studying, at one fleeting moment, to become a neuropsychologist. Yes, this journalistic and artistic bucci boo had her head buried in books, much like Elle Woods in her flurry of fluffy pink pens, perfumed essays and sparkly highlighters.

Whilst I am not enrolled on the course any longer, I do still read avidly, studiously scavange and devote a huge amount of time and energy into helping others through their psyche struggles because it is a passion. And a flair, if I do say so myself. Something I am notoriously good at is inspiring and working through issues. So regardless of whether a certificate or a plaque comes from my self education... the want and desire to push someone into recover and tip them into a cosmos of health and happiness they deserve? Well that just about beats any graduation ceremony a scholarly so and so has to offer.

Higher realms of education yo'gurl has fully completed to a T however IS marketing, and IS design. Designing to visually communicate, to inspire and fuel change whilst educating and engaging people is the real deal passion.

And so, as we fall like Alice down the rabbit hole into the dawn of yet another fresh month... one hopefully trickling with summer rays and climates warm and dewy, I want to work with YOU to bring out the best version of yourself, to tackle some troubles, and let bygones be bygones.

I've created a series of worksheets for you that I will be posting over the next week, and this Monday, we are starting with an eating disorder or disordered eating recovery worksheet 📝 Which whilst it may not apply to YOU, may and will for others 💕

In the words of Michael Jackson from The Jackson Five: A B C, easy as 123... let's dive into the free and printable worksheets I have designed for you, and get June off to a good start.

PDF document to download so it's easier to print can be found below!

Self Love June - ED Recovery Worksheet -
Download • 4.63MB


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