Skincare: The Best Therapy?

Why is there still this assumption that having a skincare, makeup, hair or bodycare routine vein and selfish? As though the desire to look and feel beautiful is intrinsically linked with vanity and self obsession? The thought of thinking of yourself as beauty? Taboo. Vocalising that you look beautiful? God forbid!

Flashback to 2013 for a hot minute, and you may vaguely recollect the memory of skincare giant Dove conducting a global survey amongst women asking them one very simple question: Do you think you are beautiful?

The results were sad enough to resink the Titanic.

Though these statistics for the infamous The Real Truth About Beauty Study were taken 8 years ago now... I have a gut feeling that a lot of women, perhaps even you reading this, still look in the mirror and pick yourself apart from time to time. Or look at that woman in the advert selling you mascara and think "gosh she's so much prettier than me".

Stop that right now, you numpty. Just lemme stop you right there.

You have a beauty unlike anyone else's. Those lumps and bumps that you may compare to quark are the hot stuff for your lover. That skin of yours which may have spontaneously decided to grow a planet on your chin is only letting off some hormonal imbalance, or battling with the free radicals of Mothet Earth - it's no biggie. That manicure which has seen better days isn't a measure of how badass and boujie you are: it's JUST a nail colour and it's NOT going to give you a promotion at work or catapult you into a mansion.

What will help you is establishing a selfcare routine. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that a doable and enjoyable skin/bodycare routine is more fulfilling than sitting opposite a shrink.

And here's why.

There you have it.

Three very simple and straightforward prompts as to why you need a selfcare routine established asap.

Don't know where to begin? Fret not. LAITMYLK has created a printable guide you can fill in to get you started, because whilst it's all well and good watching Vogue Beauty Secrets videos on youtube of supermodels showing you their beauty routine... is it applicable to you? Probably not.

Get loving yourself, baby.

It's time.


my self care routine printable pdf
Download PDF • 7.29MB


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