Snacking for Your Body

I do not and will never believe in the devilish marketing plot of one attaining the "beach body". Just move to another planet will you? Anyone, whoeever you are: if you believe in one body type being salted waves, pebble footed or sandy fronds exposure acceptable...

Tweet Elon Musk

and ask for a one way ticket to Mars on his impending space shuttle.

And just... stay there.




The beach body requires two things: your body. And the beach. End of story.

But even with that said, I believe that healthy snacks are the way forward for all. Not because of how it can benefit the aesthetic of your gorgeous physique, which damn baby I'm sure is hot as Hades hairline...

...but for what it can do for your MOOD. Your MIND. Your INSIDE WELLBEING. No truer saying hath been spoketh than "when you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside".

And so with that thought saddled in mind, lemme walk and talk you through my favourite ten snacks that I have a hunch you'll be hooked on. And if not? Well, you have permission to go Captain Hook on me and make me walk the plank 🚢


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