So So Soy! with Alpro 🥛

let us all quietly agree upon the fact that soya milk is im all fairness, pretty abysmal.

there, I said it.

oh soya milk soya milk... how does one milk the tit of a soy bean? oh soya milk soya milk, where for art thou soya milk...

so many questions

so many soy beans

back to reality now. soy milk is made traditionally by soaking dem beanz in water overnight, then grinding said beans with water added during grinding. Alternatively, full fat flakes, grits, or flour can be used to produce something called a slurry... think of this as a flurry of soybeans. no, sadly not a McFlurry.

The resulting slurry is boiled and stirred for 1–30 min (depending on the temperature) and voila... you've got a pitcher of creamy... suspicious looking "mylk" which curdles in hot drinks and has a peculiar not quite oaty aftertaste.

mmm.... yum?!

no. not yum.

and I think even the producers of soya milk are coming to realise this, as low and behold, the pioneer and main stage event has curated a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW MYLK.... titled conveniently as

alpro soya milk has redesigned and reformulated a brand new and quite cute looking 750ml carton, creating a more blendable concoction that won't go all weird and bitty in your hot cup of tea or coffee. Infused with added sugars, a pinch of sea salt and vanilla flavourings, its a drink that will coax you into the plant based mylk life - I promise you THAT!

here's Bucci's instant iced coffee recipe made using alpro my cuppa blend...

What are you waiting for? Come and take the vegan plunge into non dairy milk. I was a total sceptic. cow milk only... I still enjoy a cold glass of moo milk 🥛 🐄 but its nice knowing that when and where I can, im able to sip with environmental energy 🧘‍♀️

Buy yours here




Love Bucci xxx


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