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We run ourselves ragged in a contemporary world, even after the slowed down pace imposed upon us all during the pandemic. Clinging to tension like a boa constrictor around it's pray, we struggle to relax and effectively take care of ourselves. We rush our meals, we eat on the go; fuelled by caffeine, cheap eats and confectionarirs. And then we wonder why we feel so worn down... more worn than aged leather.

Because nutrition, plain and simple, is what will make you feel wholesome. Nutrition is what will make you feel complete. Nutrition is what makes us feel optimum. But how do we get it if we can't always prepare a meal, or plan in advance; caught out by modern agendas and their towing woes?

SOYLENT may well be the answer.

Now, I discovered SOYLENT a few years back before it officially hit the shelves of supermarkets in the UK market... no less than at The V&A, where an exhibition was being held between 06-Oct-2018 – 04-Nov-2018 called The Future Starts Here. From smart appliances to satellites, artificial intelligence to internet culture and food, this exhibition brought together more than 100 objects as a landscape of possibilities for the near future. And one of the products on display was a promising drink for individuals with severe gastric ailments like myself - and indeed for the rushing and the rushed - SOYLENT.

The drink is an innovative and curative approach to providing optimum nutrition without the hassle. From the wonderous and curious land of Silicon Valley, it's founders have been crafting to create a simple, easy bottled drink that would give its consumers every mineral and vitamin they need to function at their best, without sacrficing satiation or flavour. Sure, one could say they are "just another meal replacement drink"... but they are SO much more than that... SOylent more than that, you could say.

Soylent means complete nutrition, created in a sustainable and science based environment, with the high class realm of food engineering governing the gears begind this plant based protein abundant, healthy fats fuelled, and essential nutrient dense bottled drink which is good for you AND for the planet.

Soy Protein Isolate is the core of their products for many reasons. Soy is the most complete plant based source of protein. This means that it contains all of the essential amino acids that are necessary for healthy, growing, and functioning bodies. Soy is more sustainable than other complete protein sources. Soy protein isolate is the most sustainable option compared to both whey protein isolate and the blend of pea and rice protein based on these protein’s global warming potential.

Now to the minerals! 39 of them to be precise! Essential nutrients are vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids are needed for daily body function. However, they are not always synthesized by our bodies, therefore we need to ingest them from our food. The products they make are curated in such a way that they are easily absorbed, ultimately helping your body meet its daily nutritional needs - without question or quandry.

A particularly interesting component of SOYLENT is a little name you're unlikely to be familiar with... and its called Allulose.

Allulose is a naturally occurring low-calorie carbohydrate that does not raise your insulin level after you ingest it. We chose allulose to maintain the low glycemic index of our drink so that they deliver energy over time instead of raising your blood sugar right away and following with a sugar crash. Allulose also offers the taste and mouthfeel of sugar with much less calories and no added sugar. Allulose is not a sugar alcohol and can naturally be found in figs, raisins, molasses, and maple syrup.

Curious?... well if you're not by now, you'll never be! Having tried every flavour of SOYLENT as a gastroparetic patient, I'm here to guide you through the flavours available; coaxing and swaying you into the way of SOYLENT!

Creamy and dreamy, chocolatey goodness. Imagine the best chocolate milkshake frappe of your life and double it up without the sins, without the sugar spikes and with all the sustained zing your body craves and deserves.

My coffee lovers can unite with cocoa dusted delight with this one. Decadent and rich, who needs an iced mocha from Starbucks when you have a mocha that promises and delivers more than whatcha bargained for in the health department? Come shake and take your mocha by the mouthful for a body ready to MOVE!

A classic flavour we all know and love. The tingly, refreshing yet sweet moreishness of mint chocolate cannot be compared - and it's such a unique taste too! Creamy and rich, and energising too, oh mint chocolate, how I love you.

Hmmm how to describe Original. Velvety. Creamy. Smooth. Slightly nutty aroma... like vanilla's quiet cousin who never ever gets involved with unnecessary drama, this is the classic bottle that started it all, and will continue to be the captain of the SOYLENT ship. Ay ay cap'n! Fuel me up!

Bananaramaa copacabana, tropically fruity and ready for another! It's creamy and sumptuous, with that familiar and homely banana bread appeal, but cleaner in taste, texture and totality. Go on, become a chunky monkey and get shaking your banana trees!

The delicate and sweet spices of cinnamon, ginger, clove, turmeric, a distinct creaminess and a defined sweet aroma - this is the optimum flavour choice for people who want something a little bit more luxurious and comforting

Classic and unadulterated. The vanilla flavour is a familiar taste we all cherish and love... even more so upon knowing how laden it is with additional nutrients and minerals we know our body craves!

Fruity vibes anyone? Definitely! Strawberries and cream comes to mind... the swinging of neon tennis balls... the kiss of summer on the neck... sip it or slurp it, this flavour will have you feeling oh so berrylicious.


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