Spice up your life with these natural fixes...

I am someone who is very wary of the medical world. Let down doesn't begin to cut it, and I often wonder upon, and have to remind others of the sheer fact, that a doctor is not a superhero. They are not a God. They are not some blessed beacon of light and wisdom. They are simply a human, like you and I, who have studied a longer time at university, read more books, done more exams... and have a certificate that permits them to practice medicine. They're not miracle workers, they do make mistakes, they do not have all the answers and oftentimes... don't ACTUALLY know what they're doing.

Sorry, but it's true.

Whilst I believe that some medical professionals certainly are the bees knees, and I would never dispute what is clinically proven and in black and white - some ailments can and should be addressed with homeopathic and natural remedies. Take with caution of course, and listen to your body... but as a self professed yogi, and self taught walking encyclopaedia of all things nutrition and beauty based, I'm here to give you an insight into 6 wondrous spices that will do your body a hell of a lot of good.

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