Spotlight on Hailey Bieber

It may be a particularly overly bold statement to make... but I don't think there has been a true natural blonde bombshell beauty in the celebrosphere for some decades. I am circulating back to the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Anita Ekberg, Diana Dors, and Lana Turner. Women so sexually entrancing with golden locke (dyed or not) who gave NAME to the turn blonde bombshell.

Name me a recent blonde bomber, I'll wait.

There is someone that comes to mind for me... and she's young, effortlessly stylish, and married to that boy who made the hair flick "a thing" and has evolved from innocent lover dover to a tattooed totem pole of LA...

Yep; it's Hailey Bieber.

What do you know of Hailey Baldwin (her maiden name)? From the surname, you wouldn't be wrong in making the assumption that she is indeed related to the actor Alec Baldwin! One point for you! But what else can we unveil about the natural beauty?....

Her dream was initially to become a ballerina

And who could blame her! She certainly has the long lithe limbs for it, and the gentle air of elegance about her existence. Swan Lake cast recall please! Stat!

Boxing is actually her new favourite sport...

Woh, from ballerina to boxer - don't mess with this hot one! A woman who can jump from daintiness to daring is a force to be reckoned with - and adds to her mysterious charm.

She was homeschooled

Though this decision was taken based on the famous circle into which she was born, homeschooling gave Hailey flexibility, freedom and fire to work harder than a typical teenager by managing her own routine straight off the bat. Which is something most regular school kids don't do!

She has 19 tattoos

Albeit small and each personal, she's a human doodle pad!

Right, with a few fun facts out of the way, let's get down to our infamous LAITMYLK lookbooks!

Her style is simple and refreshing; chic with glamour under her petticoat and an eternalised natural glowing aura about her wherever she goes. Living in the golden hilltops of LA with her husband means she can enjoy sunny spells, whilst travelling as a model equates to stylish trench coats and totally desireable on to go aesthetics for casual chicness we can all but aspire to.

Here are our top ten of Hailey's looks, complete with shoppable edit links to channel your inner Bieber gal.


BUY... The Shirt | The Dress | The Shoes | The Shades | The Hoops


BUY... The Sliders | The Shades | The Trousers | The Jumper


BUY... The Joggers | The Sweatshirt | The Sneakers


BUY... The Boots | The Pants | The Jacket | The Hoops


BUY... The Coat | The Boots | The Jumper | The Bag | The Trousers


BUY... The Crop Top | The Trench Coat | The Jeans


BUY... The Mask | The Crop Sweatshirt | The Gym Shorts


BUY... The Sneakers | The Dress | The Jacket | The Bag


BUY... The Boots | The Bag | The Jacket | The Shorts | The Bandeau


ALL WORK BY Darcy Bucci Keverian @buccichola


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