Starbucks Korea is Bananas!

Admittedly, I am more of a Pret a Manger girl than I am a Starbucksian. Despite the rich history Starbucks holds from it's humble 1971 Seattle beginnings... to total tax evaders and over chargers of what are now fully recyclable cups, straws, lids and crockery, Pret to me has that je ne sais quoi which is more homely and comely than any other coffee chain.

Plus, Pret does THE best matcha latte in the world. Case closed.

However, when we travel overseas in our imaginery private jet, and visit lands of other cultures... new coffee creations emerge that are unlikely to ever grace London. Why? Because different Starbucks locations - or any globalised chain for that matter - will ALWAYS cater their menu to their target market. And the Brits it would seem are bloody boring when compared to the likes of the Far East.

Yep, we're taking a ticket to Korea. Let's go!

On the menu this summer in South Korea, Starbucks has truly outdone themselves. With photography spelling an ombre dream of summer filled sunshine dusted with nature's kiss, it's hard not to lust after the three new spectacularly curious drink concoctions they have to offer.

Let's run through them, shall we?...

Forest Cold Brew

A cold brew with a refreshing taste as if enjoying nature!

The harmony of Jeju-do organic matcha tea and cold brew!

The bitter taste of matcha tea and the heavy taste of cold brew are wrapped in Dolce sauce, giving you a new taste that makes you feel like enjoying in the forest... they describe it more specifically as a combination of organic matcha from Jeju island and Starbucks signature cold brew, creating a clean taste and colours reminiscent of a summer forest.

Banana Cream Dark Chocolate Frappuccino

Soft and rich Cameroonian dark chocolate!

Double the fun of eating with banana whipped cream!

Cacao nibs from Kana are stuck in the drink, so you can enjoy a more savory and deep chocolate taste. Cutting to the chase? This is the ultimate indulgent dark chocolate Frappuccino, blended and topped with fruity banana velvety whipped cream.

Shining Muscat Ade

The most curious of the trio... this is how to enjoy summer! A refreshing fruit beverage with the sweet flavors of shining muscat grapes and mango, with chewy aloe jelly pieces.

And that's not all. As well as three new drinks dancing into the sunlight, they like any Starbucks has a few new food menu items to munch over also! All of which are stunningly presented and oh so bananery 🍌

Banana Checkers Cake

This is a Banana Checkers Cake with chocolate cake sheets and white cake sheets alternately stacked and icing with banana whipped cream.

Banana Choux Cream Tart

This tart is made by filling a savory cookie tart sheet with soft egg peeling and then adding banana puff cream.

Banana Choux Cream Cube

It is a cool bread that you can enjoy cold and sweet by putting banana puff cream in a cube-shaped danish.

Do you wish London UK would bring home some of these banana, forest inspired delights? If so, give this post a share, @ StarbucksUK and let's get our Korean jive on!

Happy munching and happy saturday slurping!



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