Stitches and Kisses: Lin Yung Cheng on manipulating the human body one thread at a time

His name is Lin Yung Cheng, and he is creating waves through lines in the cosmos of contemporary art. By subtle manipulation of the human body in combination with strategically and an evidently well thought out placement of hand drawn lines, Cheng has produced a niche unlike any other artist. His style is an otherworldly and unique combination of performance, photography, sculpture and drawing. It’s a form casting spells of surrealism and illusion in one frame alone. There is a consistent theme of the human contortionist in his photographs, with his models posing in awkward and flexible manoeuvres, with that familiar black line or an accompanying mirror placed in such a fashion that the viewer is compelled to twist and turn their head and alter their it gaze to make sense of what they’re viewing. There’s also a dewy essence of sexy in Cheng's work - not brazenly by any means... just a finespun eroticism about it that creeps and collects like a spider forming a web tacitly in the corner of a shadowed room.

His earlier works speak volume in regards to the notion of self harm, or perhaps self discipline. Models with stitches and sewing threads woven in and out of their skin probe concepts of whether we as a human race are “tied down” to certain social conducts and boundaries; pressed for our want to appear held together, much like a patchwork quilt. By use of thread and needle,  Cheng asks us to question our own moral beliefs regarding sexuality and eroticism... where do we “draw the line” with how we use our bodies? How often should we “stitch ourselves shut” when it comes to exposing ourselves to another?

Note also how Cheng more often than not selects read thread in his surrealist and discomforting arousals of “human sewing”. Red is the colour of extremes after all. A deep and opaque symbol of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure all at once. Our prehistoric ancestors saw red as the hue of fire and blood, energy and primal life forces... and it’s from these archaic times that Cheng is resurrecting the notion of mankind following their arterial roots, to discover our innermost selves.

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