Stop Saying you have OCD... because you probably don't even know what it is!

When you think of someone with OCD, what comes to mind? Someone repeatedly washing their hands? An obsession with cleanliness? Checking the door lock multiple times before the leaving the home? Or having everything neatly organised on their desk at precise angles, without which, they simply cannot work?

What if I told you now that each of those perceptions of the condition is actually false. In fact, you couldn’t be more wrong. These actions are not just a weird obsessive habit. There is a deep rooted complexity to the compulsions someone with OCD may engage in, and to joke about the condition is actually very harmful and hurtful - not only to those suffering, but for the future education and acceptance of those diagnosed with it.

OCD is no longer classed as an anxiety disorder by DSM-5, which his a manual for assessment and diagnosis of mental disorders. In fact, it’s a neurological condition. OCPD on the other hand… that is a personality disorder.

“Woh woh woh, Bucci… What is OCPD?!”

I’m glad you picked up on that extra letter. The P stands for Personality, unsurprisingly. But this little extra letter completely shifts the ballgame, diagnosis, and behavioural patterns of the individual.

What’s more?… Someone is more likely to have OCPD than OCD. But before you can start to consider whether you or someone else have it, you’ve gotta learn it.

Click the slideshow below to get started on a very to the point, educational (and pretty!) infographic set that will highlight and enlighten you upon the key differences and recognitions of the two very different disorders.

Love, Bucci xx


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