Sumptuous Sculptures by Soto

Moorish. Erotic. Seashells. Books. Crystals. Pastel sparkling slime… aquatic bubbles…

Sound alluring? I thought as much. These are the words I use to describe the intrinsic and curious sculptural creations of Laura Catherine Soto, a Californian Girl that is totally unforgettable. Daisy dukes, bikini’s on top? Sun kissed skin so hot she’ll melt your icicle? Damn straight. This media sculptor is currently living and working in Los Angeles, a place of palm trees, luxury, laidback demeanours and the beautiful. Perhaps this is what inspires her work?

When I look at her sculptures, I see The Shape of Water by Guillermo Del Toro. I see Alexander McQueen’s Plato’s Atlantis. I see those 1940s puddings and savouries where everyone simply HAD to suspend their vegetables and fruits in aspic. I see Tim Burton movie sets. I imagine The Little Mermaid’s treasure cove: “look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?” They could almost be bars of soap, the gelatinous kinds that you find in vintage, rustic stores in pockets along beaches of the South of France. With hues of pastel pink, lilac, periwinkle blue, sea moss, lemon and honeydew, it’s difficult to not star with curiosity and eternal wonderment at her sculptures. They are strange, they’re alien, and humans are notorious for wanting to understand things - even when they are beyond comprehension. That’s what makes Soto’s compositions keeping you coming back for more more more…

Having shown at Leiminspace in Chinatown, Los Angeles (This Never Happened, 2015 & Few and Far Between, 2016) and contributed to MaRS Gallery's Obscured and Objectified gallery shop, Corrupted Ceramics group show with Galleria Salvatore Lanteri, and MAS Attack at the Torrance Art Museum. In 2017, Laura exhibited at Galleria Salvatore Lanteri in Milan, Italy (Extra Terrestrial) as well.

Despite her last exhibit being in 2018, laitmylk looks forward in awe and eagerness to see more of her glittering creations come to life.

In the meanwhile, come and follow her work on instagram, where you will never be short of inspiring glooey, viscous images that fuel and fire love and eternal artistic hunger.

Love, Bucci x


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