The Best Ice Cream in London

The heat is licking your brow with a fine salty sweat, and the sensation of being parched is quivering throughout every molecule in your body... You're both thirsty, and hungry, and your mind is on a sugar low... craving a boost of sparkling lightning to push you back into summer splendour mode, rather than summer sloth...

What is the answer to this quandry?

Ice cream. More specifically, REAL ice cream, known more affectionately by the Italians as Gelato!

Gelato, as we have touched upon on LAITMYLK before, is the velvety crema that ice cream should be. Denser, thicker, more intense, truer in flavour and more honest in its ingredients; why have crummy, cheapo cream when you can have the cream of the crop?

LAITMYLK runs you through the FOUR best gelateria's in London. Where you can curb your cravings with true deliciousness and delicacy, exploring both inquisitive and classic flavours alike.

Cone and cup lovers unite!

Oddono's Gelati Italiani started trading in July 2004 in Bute Street (South Kensington - London). Their mission? To offer fresh, natural Italian gelato unquestionably and uncompromisingly! The company was set up by Christian Oddono, whose Grandmother used to make the most delicious homemade gelato back in Italy. Christian, with the help of Marco Petracchini, Mirko Scolari and Federico Peruzzi, turned the lack of good quality gelato in London, into a business opportunity...

To date, they have made over 130 flavours, including unconventional concoctions such as cinnamon, basil, liquorice, chocolate and cognac, vodka lemon, honey, chocolate ginger and chili ice cream, etc... alongside long loved classics like Chocolate, Nocciola (Hazelnut), Bacio (milky chocolate and hazelnut), Pistachio; sorbet varieties including Mango, Strawberry and Coconut are among the best seller sorbets.

And like any true Italian, they also serve Illy espresso coffee - aka the elixir of life to any connosieur of le café.

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And get your Oddono's on!

Amorino has played a leading role in the market for more than 15 years, making Gelato without flavour enhancers, artificial colouring or flavouring. Having led the way in promoting all things organic since 2002, they work to proudly integrate natural ingredients into its recipes, meeting our cravings with the environment in mind. Since the creation of the brand, Amorino has developed more than 20 organic flavours, all of which are sumptuously divine!

Chin Chin is located in both Soho and Camden, so you can truly get your mojo on whether east or central bound.

The flavours are remarkably unique, showcasing a contemporary glow on what gelato should be, and taking inspiration from many global travels and cultural inclusions to spark culinary curiosity in even the most safe playing person.

Their "classic flavours", meaning the residents of the bunch apart from occassional seasonal specialties, include...

It's where the toppings and sauces truly shine however, making every individuals experience in the gelato store unique and personalised to them. Discover LAITMYLK's wheel of toppings below featuring everything Chin Chin offers!

And lastly... perhaps the most curious and inquisitive gelato boutique of all... is La Gelateria situated in Covent Garden, Stratford and North London upon Tottenham Lane...

Unlike the other gelato boutiques as above, this is the new kid on the block, combining the world of historic ice cream craft with contemporary flavours to spell weird and wonderful flavours across your palate. They even refer to the location within which they curate new flavours as their 'Laboratory' because the tastes are THAT kooky! Currently on the menu as of May 2021, we have a pretty wild selection that you may need to channel your bravery barriers for in order to give 'em a lick...

...but perhaps sorbet is more your thing, and you wish to endeavour into a dairy free realm?... don't worry - we got you covered:

What takes your fancy?... for me personally, I'm leaning heavily towards pine nut gelato. There is something peculiar about pine nuts - I feel like with any nut, you can make it either savoury or sweet! So I'd be tremendously curious to try it...

And there we have it! Our FOUR top Gelato stores in London to curb and cure your ice cream cravings... The only question remaining is... which shop will you go to first! 😜

Love Darcy Bucci x


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