The Best Iced Coffees

I'll let you in on a little trick I've learnt and have long been using when I pay a trip to a coffee franchise. When ordering an iced coffee, whether that's a hazelnut macchiato, or a classic latte; perhaps an americano with vanilla if I'm feeling particularly "adult"... ask for it without ice.

Hear me out. You get MORE drink. Starbucks is notorious for lapping up your cup to lapland quality, to such a point where you're getting all ice, and about 1/4 drink. Meaning you've essentially just soaked a good amount of money for... what? A sip of java?

Not good enough! SO, that's my life hack for you for the beginning of the week: iced latte with NO ice, just the cold milk please. You're welcome.

Now, an even better hack - which is seldom a hack but more a way of wisdom and realisation... is to not get an iced coffee from a franchise at all. But rather to wander with an empty basket into your local supermarket and stock up on the wonderous culinary invention known as RTD iced coffees.

RTD, ready to drink, is perfectly brewed, magnificently crafted, artisanlly observed from bean to cup. Sure, it's made in large batches and isn't fresh as a daisy from the cafeteria whilst your name is screamed from a busy barista, but it is finer tasting, richer, a better value for money and eclectic in flavour. All we need to do is find YOUR favourite.

LAITMYLK Foodilicious brings you... The top 10 RTD iced coffees on the market right now, complete with shoppable edit links so you can clamour, jive and jiggy to get your first sip of elixir beanie revitalisation. Ahhhhhh, now there's something worth sipping over!