The Bonnie & Clyde of the Manicure World... Meet Nuka Nails

Anouska Anastasia and Kaddy From The West. Sounds like the manicured badass version of Bonnie and Clyde, am I right? These are two fierce females hustling and grinding into the nail design industry, and with tremendously vibrant and multicoloured success.

Nuka Nails (@nuka.nails) is their rainbow baby painting your Instagram feed with eternal baddie inspirations, psychedelic colour palettes, gradients so smooth that Microsoft is quaking, and detailed designs paying homage to the luxury titles of the world - specifically our monogram master Louis Vuitton.

But why even start a nail business? No, allow me to correct myself. A nail EMPIRE. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the vast majority of women’s style and beauty based decisions are made for themselves, and not for the benefit of the opposite sex. These ladies are giving women their crowns via the tips of their fingers, and strengthening not only their nail health (because boo knows that’s trés important), but to add vigour to their inner sense of beauty.

In fact, let’s get political and scientific about things for a moment or two. Flashback to 2017, a study conducted by IPSOS for nailcare brand Sally Hansen found that more that 8 in 10 women agree that beauty and their self care routines are EMPOWERING. Although most feel it can be unfair that women are ‘expected’ to wear nail polish (56%), around 6 out of every 10 gorgeous females agree that doing their own nails is a treat that they enjoy doing when they have time. Want some more stats for your satisfaction? JUST under half (49%) admit they feel more confident when they have a manicure.

So there’s a new perspective for you re nails and manicures. It’s more than painting a few prettt colours and sparkles. It’s about cultivating a set of claws to lighten up the tigress and set lose the lioness within you.

Stationed in the heart of the most beautifully scenic pocket in London, 321 Portobello Road, this is where you’ll find the girls grafting their god given talents 💅🏻 with lockdown set to soon be easing... visit and follow their Instagram pages (@nuka.nails, @anouskaanastasia and @kaddyfromthewest), and get inspired for your next summer drenched set of nails.


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