The Espresso Monster

It's time to release your inner monster. To allow the devilish daring soul within run rampant on the coty and paint the town a hot vixen red. All fully attainable after a swig of Monster Energy Triple Shot Espresso.

This is an iced coffee unlike any other... there is a distinct almost semi herbal after taste running through the java jumping elixir, infused with taurine, vitamin b6 and 3 for enhanced energy that cannot be compared to any other existing ready to drink coffee stocked and stacked on shelves.

Beyond the delectable and aromatic taste is the packaging. My god the packaging. The design of the can plays on on an avant garde, illustrative style; paying homage also to an evident love for tattoos and Monster Energy's typical "target audience" of rock n roll stars who never seem to be drained of zest for life and lightning bolt energy zaps.

To give you an insight more into how this drink stands out a cut above the rest, we've got a few graphics, and of course, are linkin' you up to where you can get your monster Monstering 💁🏻‍♀️💕🌟🤩🔥🌞💛⭐️ Roll on another energy fuelled week, baby!

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