The Housewife of Lockdown

Cinderella had it easy as far as I am concerned.

She was able to go to a pompously fancy ball, twirl and swirl in a cerulean blue sparkling gown, dance with Prince Charming and be out partying until midnight.

What do we have?

Curfews, closures and constraints.

Thanks Boris, you literally embodiment of a human scarecrow.

It is in the taxing times of patience and encumbering levels of boredom that playing our mental cards right has never proven more relevant. So the playing card I'm laying down for you to see before calling a Poker win is the Housewife Card.


3 Housewife Cards to Play


tidy THAT spot where you just put everything to deal with later

you know EXACTLY which spot I mean - I'm calling you out. We all have this guilty and accessible easy spot in the home. Whether it's a drawer, or a cupboard, or a box... just open it, take everything out, make a goddamn mess, sift through it, and tidy it up. Make it less gruelling by playing some good music, I recommend boppin' to the Positions album by Ariana Grande.

learn to cook

THREE breakfasts

THREE lunches and

THREE dinners

I command you. Create a pinterest account. Find some banging recipes that make your tastebuds do a jiggly dance of excitement, go to the supermarket, stock up on the relevant ingredients and get cookin', good lookin'! If you are a millenial, and still think that surviving on cereal for breakfast, baked beans on toast for lunch and fish fingers for dinner is AN OKAY THING TO DO, you need to re-evaluate your life. Heavy.

spend a day cleaning everything, then allocate days to clean those same portions

who wants to actually spend an entire day cleaning? no one - hopefully. but sometimes you need a spot to spot drop it like its hot 24 hour scenario of cleaning every nook and cranny because, let's be honest: we're all privy to ignoring dusting and polishing. It's the "can't see it" policy... if you can't see it, then it doesn't cross your mind to think of it! So, roll up those sleeves: dust, polish, vacuum, wipe, scrub and score - put your entire home on RESET TO FACTORY SETTINGS. Then allocate different days of the week to each of those mundane tasks so that you can break up the process rather than face a situation like that again of cleaning exhaustion!

And once you've done that much needed cleaning... you my dears can light a scented candle to celebrate your successes AND to make your home smell utterly sumptuous. With that said, let me tell you about my new favourite candle brand:

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