The Illustrator Combatting Racism with Mystical Charm... meet Chloé Le

Delicate and sensual. A dark and alluring spectacle. Soft tones muted and cosy, with splashes of crimson for the bold and to remind us not all is rosy. A short poem for you of me describing the dewy artwork of Momo_4011, as her Instagram account name reads.

Her girls are alien like, fairytale creatures amidst a sea of real life situations, wrapped in a plush fabric of fantasy. Cartoony, with what appear to be influences of manga culture, Chloé Le has created a love child blend of Mark Ryden meets Takano Aya. Her work is dreamlike, combining elements of sexuality and gender in an innocent and open fashion: boy meets boy, girl meets girl, girl meets boy and so forth.

Work by Takano Aya and Mark Ryden

There is no discrimination in her work - and she’s almost created her own race with lips pouting, eyes slanted and faces broad. Her people are like orient-African hybrids, which touches heavily and prominently on the surrender stance of social affairs we are all subject to, post the most recent and emotion brewing despair surrounding the death of George Floyd. Her work, to me as just one perspective viewer and fan, speaks neutrality in race. They are unique characters that you’d almost expect to see in some multimillion making playstation game. In fact, returning back momentarily to the Black Lives Matter movement: Le has since posted to her social gallery the a new project, for lack of a better word, which offers low-rate avatar portraits for one’s social media (see below). Imagine: you, in a Chloé Le style. What more could you ask for? It’s a form of caricature after all, which to this day has a huge following. Everyone likes to escape into a fantasy form of themselves, and Le is giving us that option with a contemporary and fresh feel.

Yet another facet contributing to my adoration of Momo’s work is it’s subtle humour. Quipped, comedy captions and annotations add a sense of humanism to the characters, such as “Dude, I’m busy” whilst a girl tucks into a juicy hamburger. So, madamoiselle Momo, or Chloé or Lil Le Le… keep feeding us with your drawings. Keep churning out palettes of bold and pastel hues, with bug eyed pouty girls and pretty boys… whilst looking like a total snack, yourself.

Discover Chloé Le’s work here on HERE official Instagram page.


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