Ah to be minted, a phrase we recognise to mean being abundant with wealth. To be lush with the green stuff. To have that paper, that dosh, moola and dough. To be ready to spend to no end and shop til ya drop.

But really... what comes to mind when I think of the word mint, is a damn good mint chocolate. Anything mint for that matter.

A pertinent question you may not have considered before now is WHO do we have to raise a glass to as thanks for birthing mint chocolate to our humble humanistic lives? Well, the concept of mint chocolate chip as an ice cream flavour was created in 1973 by Marilyn Ricketts, a student who participated in an ice cream competition to provide a dessert for the wedding of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey. Ooh la la, a royal affair indeed!

Since it's introduction, mint chocolate this and mint chocolate that has popped onto the scene in multiple forms... as fondant creams, more traditionally. As bubble bars thanks to Aero. As kisses by Hersheys, batons by Bendick's and those curious round crispy mint chocolate coins restaurants insist on leaving upon your bill.

We are here to breakdown, rate and salivate over the best, the most traditional and the latest mint chocolate on the scene... because if we can't be MINTED MINTED 💰...well, at least we can be MINTY MINTED 🍫 💚


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