The most effective tool to motivate yourself...

We as humans are not supposed to be perfect. We are designed to have flaws, we each have our own annoying habits, or have things we deal with totally out of our control.

So why, when we know and acknowledge the saying that “no one’s perfect” do we strive to belittle others efforts, to make people feel lesser of themselves, and worst of all… to bully ourselves.

It’s time to re-motivate and reignite our inner fires, and you are more than capable of doing so, with just one simple and FUN tool… visual prompts and brainstorms!

Sometimes, words are too difficult to handle, but a photo or visual prompt is often enough to re-motivate yourself FOR YOU, as opposed to someone else saying to you “don’t you think you should be doing that”.

Humans notoriously HATE being told what to do. And often end up doing the opposite, or not doing anything at all because “mom told me to do it, pffff, I don’t want to now.” Sound familiar? I thouuuught so!

Similarly, brainstorms are great if you prefer words as opposed to just photos. Especially because the words are coming FROM YOU FOR YOU. Writing out everything from a middle point that could read ‘my future mind-map’, or ‘reasons to stay focused on _____” is a fantastic way to gently prompt yourself to keep GOING.


You can learn that language.

You can lose that weight, or gain it!

You can overcome anxiety and depression.

You will travel to that gorgeous country.

You will get those grades.

You will get that job.

All you need… is a focus. And this is it.

Love Bucci



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